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Imps Kingdom
Imps Kingdom

Imps Kingdom is a free-to-play P2E NFT game with strategic features built on the Oasis blockchain.

Introduction to Imps Kingdom

The Imps Kingdom is a sequel to the Ether Kingdom. The imps in the Ether kingdom took what they had from the Ether kingdom and opened a portal to the Imps kingdom. Infuriated imps descend into the vaults to begin looting the Imps Kingdom. A magical artifact they encounter in the vaults activates the Imps Kingdom and shatters the portal to their return to the Ether kingdom.

After creating a new world, this powerful artifact endowed three different imps with great power. With this great power, the three imps now own the new kingdom. But there is a problem, the imps affected by this great power have different goals. Their only common goal is to find the lost magical artifact and access the treasures in the kingdom. As a result, the kingdom of Imps is divided into three different factions.

Imps Kingdom Factions

Game Content

The game takes place in the kingdom of Imps, described above. All game cycles of the players take place in the kingdom of Imps. Each player must choose one of 3 different factions when starting the game. Each faction represents a specific place and kingdom. These factions are:

  • Empire of Dawn
  • State of Adari
  • Magnus Kingdom

Each faction has its own city and capital. Each faction also has its own missions and different characteristics. Players’ first faction selection is free of charge. After choosing a faction, players choose a hero.


Heroes are NFTs with class-specific skills and weapons. Each hero has a specific class. Classes determine the characteristics of hero NFTs and the equipment they can wear. The goal of the players is to develop hero NFTs and turn them into general. There are three classes of hero NFTs in the game. These are;

  • Warrior: Warrior imps are professional fighters. They have a high health value and a high defense against physical attacks. However, they move very slowly and are weak against magic attacks. Warriors can only use a two-handed axe and plate and mail armor.
  • Rogue: Rogue imps can deal high damage. Rogues wield dual daggers and can only wear leather armor.
  • Mage: Mages have high magic damage but are very vulnerable. They have low health and can only use a staff. They can only wear robes as armor.

The hero NFTs mentioned above can only equip equipment belonging to their class. The equipment gives specific bonuses to hero NFTs.

Imps Kingdom Heroes


Buildings allow players to perform various actions in the game. Each faction has its own cities. However, these cities cannot be captured. There are many different buildings in the game with different features, some of which are as follows;

  • Hall of Keys: It is the place that allows players to open loot boxes in exchange for certain resources. It is also used to buy boosters in loot boxes.
  • The Altar of Summoning: This is where players can mint a hero using Summon Stone.
  • Forge: This is where players can craft equipment such as weapons and armor for a fee. Also, in this building, the equipment can upgrade.
  • Infirmary: It is the building where players can heal their heroes for a certain fee. There are two types of healing options. Healing over time heals the hero over a long time and for a low cost, while Instant Healing heals the hero instantly but requires a higher cost.
  • Auction: This is where players can auction their in-game resources. Players can sell any loot, resources, and items they own here.

The buildings mentioned above are buildings that cannot capture by players. In these buildings, players can access the equipment needed for their heroes and other P2E mechanics of the game.

Imps Kingdom Cities


There are four different item types in the game. These are as follows:

  • Artifacts: It is a rare item that gives heroes powerful abilities. Artifacts can strengthen the hero’s basic stats or give them various abilities.
  • Resources: Resources are assets that can trade in the game. They are given as rewards for completing quests.
  • Loot boxes: Loot boxes are in-game assets that players obtain through various quests and battles. They also have a certain rarity level. Depending on the rarity level, the box content varies. Players can sell loot boxes.
  • Equipment: Equipment is in-game assets that add specific bonuses to heroes. There are three different types of equipment: weapons, armor, and accessories.

In-game items are tradable assets that provide heroes with additional features.


The utility token of Imps Kingdom is $IMP. The $IMP token, which has a significant place in terms of ecosystem sustainability, is used for in-game features such as hero boosting, renting, and equipment construction. The maximum supply of $IMP tokens is 3,000,000,000,000, and its distribution is as follows.

IMP Token Allocation


Imps Kingdom Roadmap


Imps Kingdom Team


Imps kingdom is a sequel to Ether Kingdom, a P2E NFT game built on the Oasis blockchain. Players choose a faction when starting the game. Faction selection is a significant factor that determines the game cycle. There are three different factions and three different hero classes in the game. The players’ goal is to develop their heroes and take their factions to the highest level.

Heroes are NFTs with specific characteristics in the game. Each hero NFT has equipment that they can wear and use. Players can power up hero NFTs with this in-game equipment or use them to earn a reward. In-game items such as loot boxes and resources are given as rewards. Almost all items can trade in-game.


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