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GaliXCity is the world’s first P2E MMORTS game based on the Avalanche blockchain with a Cyberpunk theme.

Introduction to GaliXCity

GaliXCity takes place in the year 2112 in the universe called GaliX. Following an attack by alien races, rebels have come to the fore and are struggling to assert their dominance. The universe is plunged into war and destruction, and a new leader is needed. Players begin the game as leaders who take on the role of savior of the Galix universe.

The game will initially be playable on PC or Android-supported devices. MAC and iOS operating system support will be added in the future.



In GaliXCity, as the savior of the universe, you must build a city. These cities are built on Land NFTs that players purchase. There is more than one type of building in a city. Each of the building types requires a certain amount of resources and time.

Building a City

The process of city building falls into two different categories: administration and production. Administration buildings assist in the running of the city and its foreign affairs. There are five different administration buildings. These are:

  • Central Tower: It is the most significant building that controls the level and functions of the city.
  • Research Institute: It is the building used to increase military forces and accelerate their production.
  • Trade Center: It is the building used to trade goods with other cities and alliances.
  • Central Square: It is used for training hero NFTs.
  • Military Tower: It is the building used to upgrade robot armies to be used for battles.

Production buildings are used for resources and military needs. There are five different production buildings. These are:

  • Robot Workshop: Workshop for manufacturing and assembling Infantry Robots, Reconnaissance Robots, and Heavy-duty Robots.
  • Crystal Mine: Mining Crystals
  • Metal Factory: Metal Production
  • Fuel Workshop: Exploiting Fuel
  • Power Station: Harnessing Electricity

To create and upgrade buildings, players need resources.



Resources are the most important thing players need when building a city. Resources can obtain through mining or exploration. There are four types of resources. These are:

  • Crystal
  • Metal
  • Fuel
  • Electricity

As the universe is in a state of scarcity, every resource is of great significance. Planning resource management is the most important thing players need to do. Resources can also be converted into NFTs and sold in the game marketplace.

GaliXCity Resources


There are three different modes that players can play in GaliXCity: PvE, PvP, and AvA. In PvE mode, players fight against enemies. Players need to manage heroes to destroy the enemy base. Battles in PvE game mode work with drag and drop battle system.

PvP mode is the game mode in GaliXCity, where you can fight against other players. PvP mode can play using two battle methods, Peak Battle and Conquest. In Peak Battle, players battle other players 1vs1 to reach the highest rank in the ranking. Conquest is where players conquer other players’ cities to get more resources.

AvA mode is the accessible game mode where players explore ancient ruins in the universe or fight against enemies in specific events.

Photo by GaliXCity Game

Game Economy

The GaliXCity gaming ecosystem revolves around Land NFTs, Hero NFTs, Resource NFTs, and the NEMO token.

Land NFTs

Land NFTs are the building blocks of the GaliX universe. The entire GaliX universe is divided into 7744 different lands. Game lands are divided into specific levels. There are six levels of terrain in total. These are:

  • Level 1: 2560 Lands
  • Level 2: 2048 Lands
  • Level 3: 1536 Lands
  • Level 4: 1024 Lands
  • Level 5: 512 Lands
  • Level 6: 64 Lands

The higher the level of the land, the more valuable resources the player has access to. Lands are upgradeable assets. Land NFTs can provide passive income to players. A player who owns land receives 1% profit from the resource NFTs produced on their land.

Hero NFTs

Hero NFTs are the assets you need to participate in in-game events. A player needs at least 5 Hero NFTs to access PvE and PvP game modes. Heroes are divided into types according to their combat characteristics and rarity. Rarity types are as follows;

  • D, C Rank (Common): It is heroes without high stats and skills.
  • B Rank (Rare): It has some special skills, but its stats are not high.
  • A Rank (Epic): It has special skills and good stats.
  • S, SSS Rank(Legendary): It has very good stats, a unique look, and very special abilities.

According to their combat characteristics, heroes are divided into five types. These are;

  • Human: Stable defense, balanced stats
  • Cyborg: Possesses advanced equipment, great defense but low damage.
  • Construct: Strong with a high defense can block the enemy’s attack.
  • Monster: Extremely high attack power and speed.
  • Spell: Possesses useful wide-area skills and can turn the game upside down if used at the right time.

Heroes’ levels and stats can upgrade. The maximum level a hero can reach is 100.

GaliXCity Game Loop


The currency created by the GaliXCity ecosystem for in-game and governance purposes is the $NEMO token. $NEMO token is a deflationary currency. Awarded as a reward for in-game activities, $NEMO is also used to purchase in-game assets.



GaliXCity Roadmap


GaliXCity Team


GaliXCity is an MMORTS game built on the Avalanche blockchain with a game story based on a Cyberpunk theme. There are many gameplay models and earning models within the game. In the beginning, players need to buy land and build a city on this land. During the city building process, various buildings and resources are encountered. Resources are assets that can convert into NFTs in the game.

Players need Hero NFTs for city-building and battles. Hero NFTs are divided into classes according to their combat characteristics and rarity. Hero NFTs, which have a significant role in the game, are used in battles while providing players with benefits in city management.


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