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Goldmand is a GameFi platform by Fantasy NFT Limited that strives to build a sustainable ecosystem through P2E NFT games, yield farming, staking, and Reward Programs built on the WAX blockchain.

Introduction to Goldmand

The Goldmand platform currently has only one P2E NFT game, and this article will describe the Goldmand mining game. Goldmand works differently from the concept of other mining games. Players track their resources and trade with other players depending on the race and assets they initially choose. Goldmand players craft tools, mine, and build an army for the PvP phase that the game plans to release in the future.

The main goal of the Goldmand team is to reach all crypto lovers, regardless of age and gender, and build an ecosystem where they can earn while having fun. The game is currently in its early stages and is only available on PC/MAC.

How to Play?

To start the game, you must first have a WAX wallet. Then you need to create an account on the Goldmand official website and link your WAX wallet. After creating an account, players must have at least one mining tool. After completing the necessary steps, players can successfully log in and start experiencing the game.

Game Content

Players must choose one of 3 different races after completing the entry requirements. These Races are:

  • Human race: Humans live on planet Earth and are the main food producers.
  • Alvars race: The Alvars live on a planet called Treon and are the main energy producers.
  • Sevars race: The Sevars live on a planet called Vion and have unlimited powers.

The players’ choice of race is very significant. Each race has its own resources to mine. Players can change their race choice at a later time for a fee, but all assets in the accounts will be deleted.


Mining Hub

In Goldmand, players must first come to the mining hub to start their mining process. In this place, players are given five item slots. Three of the five slots are used for mining tools, while two are used for Amulets, which add additional bonuses to mining. In this section, players can purchase extra slots for a specific fee while also viewing their mining yield.

Mining Hub


There are four different main resources in the game. These are as follows:

  • GMF(Food): It is a resource that can produce by the human race on planet Earth.
  • GME(Energy): A resource produced by the Alvars race on the planet Treon.
  • GMM(Mineral): A resource produced by the Sevar race on the planet Vion.
  • GMD(Goldmand): Goldmand is one of the most special resources in the game. It can produce by all three races, but it is very limited.

Resources are very significant to the game ecosystem. Players have production resources specific to their race, but players must have all resources. Each race consumes other resources apart from its own production resource.

Goldmand Resources

In-game Assets

Almost everything in the game is an NFT. We have already mentioned that you need to buy specific tools at the beginning for mining. Each NFT asset is displayed on an NFT card. The NFT card shows the properties of the assets you have. The image below shows the properties of an NFT card.

Goldmand NFT Card


Tools are the most basic NFT assets players need to start mining. In-game mining tools are subject to five different rarity levels. The higher the rarity level, the higher the mining yield. The rarity levels are as follows:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Artefact

In addition to rarity levels, vehicles are divided according to character races. Players should choose vehicles according to the race they chose at the start of the game.

Goldmand Tools


Amulets are in-game NFT assets that players can add to their mining slots and provide various mining bonuses. Players can obtain amulets using in-game mining resources. An amulet can be mintable by randomly receiving two bonuses and a rarity level. Amulets that do not match the rarity of the mining tools owned will not provide mining bonuses.


Lands are NFTs created to maximize players’ mining efficiency. These lands, which reduce players’ mining power and mining recharge time, will also be available for rent. A player can receive a maximum of 10% commission from another player mining on their land. The type of commission is determined by the landowner.

Goldmand Lands


Goldmand has four various tokens, GMM, GME, GMF, and GMD. The $GMD token is the native token of the Goldmand game and will be the most difficult to obtain. The total supply of the $GMD token is set at 10,000,000,000. The other three in-game tokens have a total supply of 50,000,000,000,000.


Goldmand Roadmap


Goldmand is a P2E NFT game built on the WAX blockchain. Initially starting as a simple mining game, it aims to become a full GameFi ecosystem by introducing PvP-style features in the future. When starting the game, players must choose a race and a mining vehicle of their race. Each tool has a rarity level that affects its mining efficiency.

There are four different resources in the game. Players can produce one of the resources according to their race. However, they also need other resources. Therefore, players must trade with each other for other resources.


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