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gods unchained
gods unchained

In contrast to the traditional gaming industry, Gods Unchanied has emerged as a game that accepts players to have real possession of in-game items.

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play card game in which players compete in epic duels with fantastic cards. In this game, players can own their digital items and sell or exchange cards, whether in-game or out-of-game. Directed by Chris Clay, former game director of The Gathering Arena, this game is focused on a competitive game in which players strategically defeat their opponent using various cards. 

How to Play?

Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based game. For this reason, those who want to play the game should first have a crypto wallet. This game supports Ethereum wallets such as Metamaskt. As the next stage, Gods Unchained is not a browser game, so you should download the game to your PC. The next step after installing the game on your PC will be to log in to the game by connecting your wallet to Gods Unchained. 


Gods Unchained ‘s own native token is $GODS. $GODS is designed to accelerate the growth of the game by encouraging game interaction and competitive play. In addition, this token is designed to be the primary reward mechanism of Gods Unchained. 

The total supply of the $GODS token is 500,000,000. The token distribution is as indicated below.

$Gods Token Supply Summary
$Gods Token Supply Summary

The game developers have also designed the token supply program as mentioned below in order for the game to be more long-term growth and sustainable.

$Gods Token Supply Schedule
$Gods Token Supply Schedule

$GODS Token Utilities

Crafting new NFTs that are playable and tradable.

Players can use the $GODS token to create new NFT cards for in-game use or for market trading. When this transaction occurs, a new NFT is minted to the blockchain and the necessary ownership of the item is defined to the player.

Purchasing Items with $GODS

The $GODS token can be used for market place fee along with all purchases made in the Unchained Store. If the user chooses not to use $GODS as a payment method or does not have enough tokens to pay, the 20% fee will be automatically exchanged on the open market.

$GODS Staking Rewards Pool

Staking rewards will be distributed to all active stakers. These rewards will be distributed from the Stake Reward Pool, which consists of $GODS obtained in the Gods Unchained store, the marketplace, and the forge. 

Governance and Voting

Users can participate in the management voting related to the Gods Unchained ecosystem by using $GODS hold. $GODS holders will be able to evaluate and vote on token-related proposals through decentralized governance.

Road Map

Gods Unchained Roadmap
Gods Unchained Roadmap


Gods Unchained team consists of engineers, entrepreneurs, game and economy designers from top companies such as Google, Atlassian, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Goldman Sachs. 

  • Chris Clay – Game Director
  • Arash Mahboubi – Crypto Product Lead
  • Matt Aldrich – Lead Art Director
  • Derek Proud – Producer



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