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Over the past few years, both the gaming and blockchain industries have experienced remarkable growth. Today, many companies around the world are moving towards producing their games as blockchain-based games. The best ways to use this technology in games are the use of NFT and Play to Earn concepts. Arsenal Game, a new member of the blockchain ecosystem, is the game of Fabwelt Studios, which wants to make a successful entry in this field.

3D First Person Shooter

Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter multiplayer game for the metaverse. In this game, NFTs are used as assets, collectibles. All of the assets in the game are blockchain collections. As blockchain-based items, in-game assets can be withdrawn from the game for uses such as staking, gifting or transferring in the decentralized lending protocol.

When you enter this game, which can be played from desktop or mobile devices, it is very likely that you will get the feeling of a battlefield. In addition, there are many different maps available in the game. As an example, there are large maps for sniper, while there are small maps for close combat. 


Arsenal producer Fabwelt offers NFTs to players in this game in a much more comprehensive way than just using them only as collectables or assets. It introduces NFT technology in its games as consumables supported by use cases known as collectibles and assets. In addition, they designed it in such a way that different NFTs can be used as various assets in all games and introduced its users to the concept of Universal NFTs. As an example, an NFT with a weapon in the Arsenal game can represent a car or a house in another game. Fabwelt evaluates NFTs under separate headings according to their use and usefulness. These are: 

NFT as Utilities

Using NFTs as consumables are NFTs that  players will use to trigger special features or actions during gameplay. For example: 

  • Making the character move fast for a short time
  • Giving foggy vision to opponents for a short time
In-Game NFTs
In-Game NFTs

NFT as Assesses

Players can access NFTs by playing games and upgrading or evaluating products that are part of the game. When a player obtains this NFT, they have the asset or upgrade available in the game. If we give examples of these elements or upgrades, we will: 

  • A special weapon
  • Unlocking a secret level

NFT as Collectables


Special Series

Fabwelt Game Studios will introduce the first special NFT collection series. They are beautiful collectable items with in-game utilities in the Fabwelt ecosystem. 


The token for the Arsenal game is $WELT, Fabwelt’s native token. The total supply of $WELT is 500,000,000 (500 Million) and was launched on November 16, 2021.  The token distribution is as indicated below.

Arsenal Game Tokenomıcs
Arsenal Game Tokenomıcs

In addition, you can examine the token’s vesting processes and amounts in the table below.

Arsenal Game Token Metrics
Arsenal Game Token Metrics

One of the issues that should be mentioned as an extra in the Tokenomics section is that the project’s team tries to be completely transparent to its investors, players and all other supporters. It shares the addresses registered on the blockchain on its website so that everyone can see how much of the token amount distributed to the Arsenal team is. The winning prizes of the team, the last updated date of which is 06/09/2022, are as follows: 

Team Tokens: 

Wallet: 0x6b5e2103a2bc1e43205790372129a015cdac92c4 

Usage: None so far

Amount of tokens left: 50,000,000 WELT

Advisory Tokens: 

Wallet: 0x2fda88db91cba7a59f456c733f63c41fb6135c12

Usage: Aquire advisors Kevin Abdulrahman and Yida Gao (Shima Capital)

Amount of tokens left: 9,964,877 WELT

Exchange Liq Tokens: 

Wallet: 0xf4bf33473ea702117614c9d0b52a96a0b171e540

Usage so far: Listing Bitrue, Bitmart and MEXC

Amount of tokens left: 9,108,248

Ecosystem Development

Wallet: 0xe75a10d438a06a6d796e1ecf909e992fcae5006d 

Usage so far: None

Amount of tokens left: 77,500,000 WELT


Wallet: 0x0af442835d9d4947efec4b55603836a2f9366a5a 

Usage so far: Marketing, airdrops and prize pools.

Amount of tokens left: 3,602,484


Fabwelt Team
Fabwelt Team

Partners & Investors

Arsenal Game Partners
Arsenal Game Partners


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