Fight Out: The Fastest-Growing Play-to-Earn Game of 2023

One of the newest crypto token initiatives on the market, Fight Out, was founded in late 2022. The move-to-earn (M2E) concept enables the project to create a worldwide ecosystem. For those who are unknown, M2E is designed to reward individuals for moving.

Fight Out: The Fastest-Growing Play-to-Earn Game of 2023

An innovative Move-to-Earn (M2E) ecosystem known as Fight Out capitalizes on the expanding demand for individualized and useful health advice. The project’s primary goal is to employ tokenized rewards to encourage users to finish workouts and improve their fitness.

Metaverse Meets Fight Out Gyms

The Fight Out ecosystem serves as an essential link between the real world and the digital space. Regarding the real world, opening gyms in numerous cities throughout the world is one of the Fight Out whitepaper’s primary goals. In addition, it partners with already-established gym brands.

In either case, Fight Out gyms will have the necessary equipment to monitor customer activity and subsequently generate cryptocurrency rewards. The platform will also debut its metaverse universe, which is developed on top of the Ethereum architecture. This will work with the mentioned Fight Out gyms, resulting in the creation of an infinite world where participants can compete and gain.

Platform’s Ambassadors Program

The mission of the platform’s ambassador program is to bring the world’s best athletes to the FightOut ecosystem. You can see the platform’s four current ambassadors in the image above.

Advantages of the Platform

As this project has the potential to kickstart the crypto market recovery in 2023, it is already extremely popular among investors. But is Fight Out a good investment opportunity right now? To answer this question, we have researched some of the platform’s advantages to keep in mind.

Encouraging a Healthy Way of Life

The platform’s creative approach to motivating people to improve their fitness suggests that it may soon emerge as the cutting-edge cryptocurrency to purchase in the M2E market. Fight Out creates customized workouts for each user based on their needs and body type, as opposed to employing “cookie-cutter” routines. This lowers the possibility of harm, but it also produces better outcomes over the long run.

Users have a strong incentive to keep working out and improving their health since they earn REPS when they finish challenges and workouts. The cutting-edge technology used by Fight Out tracks everything. Thus, the more productive the workouts, the larger the token incentives.

Strong Connections to the Metaverse

The platform prioritizes its community and features a strong play-to-earn, metaverse, and social connection. The soulbound NFT avatars can be fully customized with the addition of hair, shoes, clothing, tattoos, and other features to make them distinctive and personal to the user.

Additionally, the app will enable fitness enthusiasts to support and motivate one another, keep others on track with their fitness objectives, and push users further than they’ve ever been. The app users can also compete against one another in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to earn more REPS.

Future Plans for Gyms

The intention to establish physical gym facilities across the globe is another exciting element of the Fight Out experience. These will be the first gyms with Web3 integration, enabling the platform’s players to communicate and exhibit their avatars in real life.

The platform’s gym centers will be furnished with cutting-edge equipment that monitors users’ movements and converts them into REPS incentives. The gyms will also have a health bar, content studio, and co-working area, thereby becoming a “community hub” for everyone.


There are four pools made up of the 10 billion $FGHT tokens.


  • To raise money for the project’s debut, up to 9% of tokens will be sold during the presale.
  • Early buyers of $FGHT will receive prizes up to 4.5% of the tokens.
  • 10% of the tokens will be set aside for liquidity on exchanges.
  • A 76.5% token lock will be added to any remaining tokens.

For a more detailed breakdown of these percentages, see the chart above.

How do REPS and $FGHT Differ from One Another?

The platform’s native token, $FGHT, is available for purchase through during their presale. REPS, on the other hand, is their in-app currency, obtained by achieving goals on the site. In the app, REPS may be spent to buy things like cosmetics and power-ups for your character.


You can see the platform’s roadmap in the image above.


In the picture above, you can see the development team that created the platform.


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