Cocos-BCX: The New Layer 2 Adventure

NodeReal and Cocos-BCX established a global strategic alliance on February 28 during ETHDenver 2023. The businesses will work together to create the first-ever rollup on BNB Chain with an emphasis on Web3 gaming. Optimism (OP) Stack will serve as the foundation for the rollup chain. On the BNB Chain, this is also the first layer 2.

Cocos-BCX: The New Layer 2 Adventure

Cocos-BCX is positioned to reach a new development milestone in 2023. The platform has undergone a dramatic product transition, promoting itself as “a scaling solution for Web3 games,” with the goal of giving game developers simple-to-use and comprehensive blockchain game infrastructure.

The new platform aims to bridge the gap for makers of 2D/3D games, metaverse, AI, and extended reality in the Web3 world by offering stable scalability and affordable infrastructure for Web3 games. The Web3 gaming market is still a very vibrant one. The team is certain that the success of Web3 games and applications connected to the metaverse will spark greater widespread use of Web3 and ignite the market.

Relationship with BNB Chain

The conversion of Cocos-BCX should begin with BNB Chain, the most well-liked public chain among GameFi users. To assist the widespread adoption, expansion, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem, the platform’s layer 2 will eventually be extended to other Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible ecosystems, such as Ethereum and Polygon, starting with BNB Chain.

Working Together with NodeReal

NodeReal, a leading global strategic partner, has a strong technical basis. It offers the best archive node solutions and the quickest blockchain remote procedure call (RPC) service. The chain’s safe functioning and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology are ensured by the platform.


The layer 2 development phase is presently underway, and it will proceed as the following:

  • End of March 2023: Testnet launch.
  • Early July 2023: Mainnet launch.
  • November 2023: Release of a full-stack Web3 development infrastructure.

In the meantime, the plan for rebranding and renaming is about to get underway. Thus, the platform will flourish in the Web3 gaming ecosystem with a fresh appearance.


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