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EnterDAO is a DAO built on the Ethereum blockchain, creating new markets and products for the Metaverse world.

Basic Products

Enter DAO offers users two different base products; Landworks and Metaportal. In addition, EnterDAO has created the NFT collection called Sharded Minds to support these products. Before moving on to the structure of EnterDAO, let’s examine these products.

Landworks Model
Landworks Model


Landwork is an Ethereum-based Renting Marketplace where you rent land on the Metaverse. Landworks provides for the rental of land on the Metaverse for a certain period. Thanks to Landworks, users with Metaverse land can earn passive income by renting their land. Metaverse plots can sometimes be very costly. Users who will not be able to afford these high costs, but are passionate about the Metaverse universe, can more easily enter the Metaverse universe by renting the land instead of buying it.

Landworks is managed by EnterDAO. The platform currently only supports Decentraland. In addition, the platform has a Scene Builder panel for you to best design the plots on Decentraland. This panel has professional scene studios that can develop your terrain.

How Landworks Works

There are some special actions and privileges for users using EnterDAO’s Landworks product. First of all, the person who has land or Estate on Decentraland lists them on the platform. When listing, it determines the duration of use, minimum rental, max rental and pay option. The pay options supported by the platform are currently only ETH and USDC. Users who own land can update their rental options later.

Tenants who want to rent land can also see the lands listed on the platform’s marketplace. Tenants see how much rent they will pay, the lease term of the land and the pay option. After these rental transactions are final, 3% of the fees charged from the tenants are collected by the platform as a fee. This is necessary for the ecosystem sustainability of DAO.

With Landworks, tenants can access and profit from the Metaverse experience without buying high-cost land, while landowners also earn passive income by renting their land. All new features to be added to Landworks are determined by the ENTR token holder community.



Metaportal is the main product of EnterDAO, where you can search, find and play many different Metaverse projects on a single platform. In order for you to better understand Metaportal, we can characterize Metaportal as the Steam of Web3. EnterDAO, together with Metaportal, wants to facilitate access and use of Metaverse projects. Metaportal can only be used as a desktop application.

Introduction to Metaportal and Its Features

First, you must download the application from the platform’s website to enter Metaportal’s application. After downloading the Metaportal application suitable for your operating system, you can import your wallet or create a metaportal wallet. To learn how to create a Metaportal wallet here. After successfully logging in to the Metaport, you can easily select and play games that can be played on the web or desktop. Web-based games open in the Metaportal application window, but you need to download desktop games.

There is a level system in the Metaportal, and these levels rise with the XP obtained at the end of the tasks set by the platform. Tasks are divided into 3 categories;

  • One-time quests : Those will include simple tasks that you can complete only once. For example, to authenticate with your Twitter or Discord profile. To complete a one-time quest click on the button next to it and perform the required actions. Once you complete the quest you will be able to claim the Experience Points. When you claim the XP the quest will be marked as completed and you won’t be able to complete it again.
  • Daily quests: Those will require daily activity and will include daily login and launching of a game/event. To complete the daily quest, you have to log in and launch one game or event. Once you complete the quest you will be able to claim the Experience Points. When you claim the XP you won’t be able to complete the quest again during the same day. You will be able to do so on the next day.
  • Weekly and monthly quests: Will be added very soon.
Metaportal Games
Metaportal Games

Sharded Minds

Sharded Minds is an NFT collection created by EnterDAO contributors Angela Pencheva and Raredub. This collection consists of a total of 5000 NFTs and all of them are currently sold out. Sharded Minds provides support to EnterDAO and its products.

ENTR Token

The ENTR token is ENTERDAO’s governance token and has no other purpose. Token holders have the right to vote on product updates and determining the future of products. The ENTR token can be staked, traded on crypto exchanges and transferred. The total supply of the ENTR token is 100,000,000. You can examine the ENTR token distribution from the image below.



EnterDAO core team has been producing decentralized applications and infrastructures since 2017. The core team has sufficient knowledge about decentralized applications and NFTs.

EnterDAO Team
EnterDAO Team


EnterDAO is a DAO that wants to add new markets and new products to the Metaverse world. EnterDAO is managed with the ENTR token. When we look at their products, we see 2 main products, Landworks and Metaportal. There is also an NFT collection that supports these products. Users who own land on the Metaverse on Landworks can rent their land and earn passive income. People who cannot buy high-cost land in Metaverse projects, but want to gain experience and income in the Metaverse universe, can more easily enter the metaverse universe by renting land in Landworks. With Metaportal, you can view and play metaverse games through a single portal.


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The author is a political science and public administration student at Kocaeli University. He is also studying Management Information Systems at Anadolu University. He met Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2019. Interested in cryptocurrencies for over 2 years. In addition he provides E-commerce and social media marketing services.

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