CDS Metaverse P2E Ecoland: A New Perspective on the Play and Earn Universe
Metaverse P2E

Ecoland: A New Perspective on the Play and Earn Universe

A New Perspective on the Play and Earn Universe

With the proliferation of the Play and Earn mechanic, people are looking for ways to make better use of it. At this point, one of the most unusual perspectives is Ecoland. It is a metaverse that aims to both make blockchain more useful and protect the environment.

What is Ecoland?

ecoland illustration
An illustration from the game

Combining different types of games with a unique Play and Earn economy Ecoland is a metaverse that blends virtual and real-world activities. Thus, it offers users a breathtaking experience with social and environmental activities.

It is an incredible adventure where players will have to rescue the planet. You may play, grow trees, gather NFTs, earn tokens, and save the earth in Ecoland. Moreover, they actually plant a tree in the real world for each milestone you achieve in the game.

How to Play Ecoland?

A free-to-play structure manages access to the ecosystem. Each player has access to games and the main hub, where he can interact with other players. This way the game is easy to play. On the other hand, the main mechanics of the game are as follows:

    • Play games of different genres

    • Boost your NFT avatar

    • Craft NFTs

    • Own land & build

    • Mine resources and vote in the DAO

    • Collect trash

    • Take part in competitions to receive rewards.

    • Trade NFTs

    • Make some content

    • Plant trees to help the environment

Access to premium game material and earnings are made available via NFT avatar. Thus, they combine both player audiences: those who merely want to play and those who want to profit.


Players cultivate NFTrees, genetically modified trees that aid in planet cleaning, on Ecoland, the cleanest and most sustainable planet in the metaverse. The central planet serves as a focus for all of the game’s activities, including running, chatting, listening to music together, watching movies, and other pursuits.

The planet divides into land parcels that are offered for sale, allowing each player to have his or her own home that they can decorate and use to raise the land’s worth. All players have access to a communal space in the center where they can buy, sell, and exchange goods. On his or her land, a player can:

    • Plant trees

    • The installation of alternative energy (passive income)

    • Construct a home (Increase land value)

    • Build a garage (for upgrading your Helicarrier)

    • Create a science lab (for in-game improvements)

The user uses Space Maglevs to get around the planet and play mini-games. Traveling is free for Ecoland residents. Thus, if you own property, you do not have to pay to reach another planet (mini-game). However, travel outside of Ecoland is compensated for those without access to land. You can purchase discounted travel cards for one week, two weeks, or one month.


The concept that innovation should benefit people and the environment is one that Ecoland developers firmly believe in. Many people have misconceptions about blockchain. They want to use gamification to prove that this technology is environmentally friendly and takes the lead in environmental protection. That’s why they built the extraordinary metaverse they call Ecoland.


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