CDS Events Shaheen Sayed Kadri – Chief People Officer /C Level at EAK Digital

Shaheen Sayed Kadri – Chief People Officer /C Level at EAK Digital

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From his own words: Is employee moral and engagement in your company low? Are you struggling to retain and motivate staff? Do your managers have the tools to be successful as leaders? How are you dealing with everyday people issues? from what I hear you do not have the time…?

I have been working in Human Resources for more than 20 years across multiple industries and across two continents and I am able to work with you in providing a tailored end to end HR proposition that works for you. One that will ensure you hire the right talent, engage with your employees, and retain them. One that will allow you to focus on your company so that I can focus on building your culture.

I believe that every small start up should have access to the same high quality HR service than the Fortune 500 companies have. Especially at a time when you need it the most. I have worked for some of those companies, and I can help you.

I can support and coach you and your business leaders on all things people. My philosophy is simple. To help you build your culture I will focus on three touch points in your business. Your Workforce, Your Workspace and The Marketplace.

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The author graduated from Celalbayar University and interested in crypto market. He also has a YouTube channel, called RabBitcoin Hole, where he publish videos regarding blokchain & crypto events. You can visit the youtube channel for more information about the author who plays the rabbitcoinhole character on the youtube platform.

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