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A3: Still Alive
A3: Still Alive

A3 Still Alive is an MMORPG game created by Netmarble, one of the largest gaming companies in South Korea, combining the Battle Royal and RPG game genres, which you can play either on mobile or on PC.

About Netmarble

A3 Still Alive Netmarble, the creator of the game A3 Still Alive, is a mobile game company founded in South Korea in 2000. The fast-growing company in the Asian market is among South Korea’s largest mobile game creators. Netmarble has a wallet called Marblex, which we will also use in the game.


A3 Still Alive Game Content

When starting the A3 Still Alive game, we first have to choose one of 7 different characters. These characters are divided into 7 different classes: Berserker, Soulbinder, Archer, Templar, Wizard, Assassin and Scholar. Each character’s combat style and abilities are different. After choosing your character, there are 5 different game modes that you can play in A3 Still Alive. In these game modes, you can earn rewards while improving your characters.

Your character is tied to a level. The higher your level, the more advantages you will have. To activate the P2E feature of the A3 Still Alive game,  you need to reach level 190 of your character. Let’s talk about the game modes that you can play to improve your character and raise its level.

30-Player Battle Royale

The 30-player Battle Royale mode is a survival mode that frees the game from the RPG feature. The battle continues until only one of the 30 players remains.

Dark Presence

It is a player killing mode that is only active for 10 minutes a day. In order to participate in the Dark Presence mode, your character must have a minimum of 40 levels.

Soul Linkers

You can think of Soul Linker as your soul mate who explores with you in the game. The higher your synergy with your Soul Linker, the more your combat skills and strength will increase.


It is the game mode where you fight against monsters together with your teammates. To participate in this game mode, you need to reach at least level 65.

Forte’s Seal

This is the game mode where you fight against Bosses together with the Guilds you can create in the game. You need to be level 30 and above to participate.

After raising the level of your character in these game modes, you can switch to the Inetrium Dungeon, where you can activate the P2E feature and earn INETRIUM, the game’s utility token.

Inetrium Dungeon

Inetrium Dungeon is a game mode that you can enter after reaching level 190 in the game. You can earn Inetrion Ore by killing monsters in the Inetrium Dungeon after your character reaches level 190. You need to use the Refining feature to convert the Inetrion Ore you have earned into INETRIUM, the game’s utility token.

The refining fee is subject to a certain exchange rate and changes daily. Inetrium Ore has a daily limit that you can convert by refining. In order to convert Inetrium Ore to INETRIUM token, you will also need an extra Red Diamond. You can get the Red Diamond from the game’s own marketplace.

A3 Still alive Inetrıum Loop
Inetrıum Loop


Inetrium is a utility token created in the Marblex ecosystem developed by Netmarble. Netmarble has designed it in such a way that it can be used in all blockchain-based games that they will publish on ITU token platforms. You can also stake ITU tokens that you can earn in the game and transfer to the outside world. You can make trading transactions by transferring the ITU tokens you have earned to your Marblex wallet. You can also convert your Inetrium tokens to MBX tokens.

The total supply of Inetrium is set at 1 billion, and its distribution is as follows;



A3 Still Alive was founded by Netmarble, a Korean-based mobile gaming company. Netmarble is not only famous in its own country, but also has offices in many different countries. The Netmarble team currently has a total of 3500 employees. The team consists of people who like to play games. Netmarble is also the creator of popular games such as Lineage2 Revolution, Everybody’s Marble, Seven Knights and MARVEL Future Fight.


A3 Still Alive is a game that is free to play at first and does not have a P2E feature. If you bring the characters you initially selected to a certain level in the game, the P2E feature starts to be active. You can earn by converting the Inetrium Ore that you earn by playing in the game mode that opens with the P2E feature to INETRIUM, which is the utility token of the game. To earn this token, you need to connect it to the Marblex wallet developed by Netmarble, the creator of the game. Although it is a game rich in in-game graphics and game story, you need to spend a certain amount of time to activate the P2E feature. In addition, a certain fee is required to transfer the tokens you have earned to your wallet. Released by a major game studio such as Netmarble, this game gives players the chance to experience a mixture of Battle Royal and RPG game genres.


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