Wildxyz Raises $7M in Seed Round

Wildxyz has raised $7 Million in a seed round led by Matrix Partners to support the economics of content creation through immersive hyper-reality experiences by NFT artists.

Wildxyz Vision

The CEO of the platform has great admiration for the inspiring content that digital art content producers produce. They founded the platform to bring the content produced by these artists to fans and support content producers. With the platform, artists are entering a completely different world where they can create the content they imagine and exhibit the content they create to larger communities.  Wildxyz CEO John Kobs said:

“Web3 is upon us and here to stay, and people are going to spend more and more of their time in immersive, digital spaces. The world’s best experiences are created by artists so we wanted to build a more creative, trusted platform where global makers can design immersive art that will transform how we spend our time online.”

Wildxyz, one of the keynote speakers, artist Mitchell F. Chan said:

 “The Wild Residency is an incredible opportunity for artists to share creativity, ideas, and energy. The program has created meaningful connections in my art practice that will continue to shape my career.”


About Wildxyz

The platform was founded in 2022 by John Kobs. The company supports digital content creators both technically and in the community during and after the content creation process. Platform currently consists of a small team of 10 people.


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