CDS Crypto News A Quick Review of the January 29 Crypto Agenda
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A Quick Review of the January 29 Crypto Agenda

This article contains information about the January 29 crypto agenda.

A Quick Review of the January 29 Crypto Agenda

Crypto News – The crypto agenda was quite heated today.

A Quick Review of the January 29 Crypto Agenda

First, the first ETF application was filed with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Then, while the SEC and Binance conflict were in full swing, the decentralized exchange Jupiter attracted attention with a surge in trading volume. Finally, according to Cantor Fitzgerald, if the BTC price doesn’t increase, there will be a problem with mining after the halving.

Harvest Hong Kong Files ETF Application

According to local media, on January 26, the Hong Kong SFC received an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF from Harvest Hong Kong, one of the biggest fund managers in China. The source also stated that the country’s regulatory authority is actively working to speed up the ETF clearance process in order to introduce the first Hong Kong spot Bitcoin ETF on February 10, the day after the Chinese New Year. Spot Bitcoin ETF registrants are anticipated to include a number of established cryptocurrency companies that introduced futures-based crypto ETFs in Hong Kong. ​​

Jupiter Breaks Record in Trading Volume, Drawing Attention

In the midst of a frenzy for a fresh memecoin airdrop and increased stablecoin swaps, trading volumes on the decentralized exchange Jupiter, based in Solana, have topped the records in the last 24 hours, totaling $480 million. According to CoinGecko data, the aggregate trading volume of the V2 and V3 protocols has only reached $470 million in the last day, with Jupiter’s trading activity surpassing their Ethereum-based amounts on Uniswap by $10 million.

SEC Continues to Request Documents from Binance

The U.S. SEC and Binance are still at odds over which documents the cryptocurrency exchange must provide to the agency, according to court documents. The SEC states in a joint status report dated January 25 that there are significant BAM discovery details that are still pending.

The SEC has sent Binance a request for a great deal of paperwork regarding asset liquidity and custody. The regulatory body is also investigating the possibility that Binance.US possesses a “backdoor” that would let it obtain client funds, similar to FTX.

A Quick Review of the January 29 Crypto Agenda
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