CDS Crypto News Analysts Split Over Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF
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Analysts Split Over Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF

Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF causes analysts to disagree.

Analysts Split Over Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF

Crypto News – Thus far, multi-trillion-dollar asset manager Charles Schwab has taken a centrist stance, with Fidelity’s top-ranked Bitcoin ETF competing with BlackRock’s offering and Vanguard avoiding cryptocurrency entirely.

Analysts Split Over Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF

Although Schwab has not yet developed a proprietary offering, clients can purchase shares in any authorized spot Bitcoin ETF. Experts anticipate that this will soon change, though, as Schwab considers the benefits of finishing second in a field where others are vying for first place.

The customers are so loyal and products are so cheap they don’t have to be in any rush. Rain or shine, the flows come in,

Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg senior ETF analyst

Schwab’s Postponement Could Benefit

Balchunas conjectured that Schwab’s postponement might enable the company to provide reduced fees in comparison to its rivals.

They may shock the world and offer something that is 10-basis-points in a few months,


Expert Nate Geraci on X said that Schwab might make an offering as soon as possible.

 I say it’s already (a) foregone conclusion,

Analysts Split Over Charles Schwab Bitcoin ETF
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