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EMURGO Starts Cardano Spot’s Open Beta Phase

EMURGO Starts Cardano Spot's Open Beta Phase

The Cardano-based social platform Cardano Spot, developed by EMURGO, a worldwide blockchain technology company established in 2017, has just gone into open beta. It was created to address the Cardano ecosystem’s fragmentation and support the cryptocurrency community.

EMURGO Starts Cardano Spot’s Open Beta Phase

EMURGO Media, one of the original partners of Cardano ($ADA), debuted the closed beta version of Cardano Spot and has since continued to improve the platform in response to community feedback and guidance. According to the press release, the platform is now available to onboard all Cardano-powered projects.

“In Closed Beta, we worked silently to build a platform based on community feedback and direction. With Open Beta, we are launching a host of new features and open ourselves to ideas and suggestions from the whole community.”

Sebastian Ziliaucus, Managing Director of EMURGO Media

The document also lists more than four million members of the cryptocurrency community and over 1,000 projects that are now being built on top of Cardano Spot. It’s a social platform that gives the community a focal point with a custom and curated home feed where people can share content, follow other creators, and connect with those who share their interests.

About the Platform

Additionally, it has a news feed that updates users on the Cardano ecosystem, a library where users can learn about new Cardano projects and the most recent developments in the smart contract platform’s ecosystem, and an events calendar where users can keep track of all upcoming events. Users may access information about token prices, market capitalizations, and tokenomics in the platform’s market status area.


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