Cardano (ADA) Announces Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Plan Fixed to the US Dollar

Cardano blockchain’s commercial arm has announced its plan to launch a new fiat-backed crypto asset that will be fixed to the US Dollar! According to a new announcement, EMURGO said that it is preparing to launch the USDA, which will be the first USD-backed stablecoin belonging to the Cardano ecosystem, in early 2023.

Stablecoin: USDA

According to EMURGO, the purpose of the USDA is to protect investors and Web3 firms from market volatility by combining the permanent stability of the US dollar with the high security, low fees and environmental friendliness of the ADA Blockchain. In addition, the company, which guarantees that the crypto asset will be supported in a 1:1 ratio, also stated that it is fully compliant with the regulations. In addition, the company points out that this product is aimed at bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. 

EMURGO partnered with a financial services company that is subject to regulation in the United States to hide cash deposits, ensuring that the stablecoin is fully compliant and complies with regulatory guidelines. 

With the support of Real World assets, USDA will be able to pave the way for the opening of more confident financial services to Cardano’s ecosystem and ensure long-term price stability. 

USDA will be the first product launched under EMURGO’s new product package aimed at bridging the gap between traditional finance and Defi. According to the announcement made by the company, EMURGO’s Anzens product line will prepare a portal for the products offered on the Cardano blockchain, while at the same time allowing users to move their dollars as tokenization and ADA assets. 

EMURGO was launched in early 2022 to accelerate the development of Cardano’s decentralized applications. It was launched in two phases: the first was a modular toolkit, and the other gave developers access to ADA’s ecosystem. 

About Cardano

Cardano is a cryptocurrency network and an open-source project that aims to run a public blockchain platform for smart contracts. Cardano’s internal cryptocurrency is called ADA. The development of the project is overseen by the Cardano Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland.


EMURGO is the corporate arm of Cardano that operates to strengthen the platform through commercial initiatives. EMURGO develops, supports and incubates commercial opportunities and helps to integrate businesses into our decentralized blockchain system.


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