CDS Crypto News According to CoinShares Analyst Butterfill, BTC Price Could See $81k
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According to CoinShares Analyst Butterfill, BTC Price Could See $81k

Fund flow data, combined with impending conjecture about a Bitcoin Spot ETF, have CoinShares analyst Butterfill predicting that Bitcoin will reach $81,000.

According to CoinShares Analyst James Butterfill, BTC Price Could See $81k

Crypto News – James Butterfill, Head of Research at CoinShares, recently examined the possible effects on the Bitcoin price that could arise from the US launch of a Bitcoin Spot ETF.

According to CoinShares Analyst Butterfill, BTC Price Could See $81k

Using fund flow statistics, Butterfill predicted on the X platform that Bitcoin may reach $81,000, igniting speculative thoughts among those interested in the cryptocurrency industry.

There has been a surge in the larger digital asset field as a result of market speculation on the approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF. Many industry analysts predict that the BTC market will receive a billion-dollar boost if the same is approved.

What Does James Butterfill Think About the Bitcoin Price?

James Butterfill examines the complex connection between Bitcoin prices and exchange-traded products (ETP) fund flows in a recent blog post. Interestingly, Butterfill emphasizes the coexistence of growing prices and higher inflows using historical data, implying that ETP investors should take a momentum-driven approach. Furthermore, the study identifies periods of market weakness that impact sentiment-based ETP trading.

In the meantime, Butterfill presents a forecast model that links weekly flows expressed as a percentage of AuM to 45-day price fluctuations using a quantitative methodology. The model predicts that with an expected $14.4 billion in inflows, the price of Bitcoin might rise to $141,000. Despite this, the analyst presents a matrix of different scenarios for future inflows and their possible effects on Bitcoin values, acknowledging the challenge of accurately estimating future inflows.

According to CoinShares Analyst Butterfill, BTC Price Could See $81k
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