CDS Collaboration Selling Apex Crypto!

Selling Apex Crypto!

Selling Apex Crypto!

Apex FinTech Solutions, one of the leading companies in the financial sector, is preparing to sell Apex Crypto, which it created. Technology firm Bakkt, which registers on the United States Stock Exchange, is about to become the new owner of Apex Crypto. According to the statement, the famous technology firm Baktt has prepared 200 million dollars for this acquisition.

Bakkt and Apex FinTech Solutions Relationship

In the first phase of the agreement between Bakkt and Apex FinTech Solutions, Bakkt will make a cash payment of 55 million dollars. In addition, according to the agreement, Bakkt will make another payment of 45 million dollars within the fourth quarter financial period. 

The last payment will be realized with $ 100 million in stocks or seller notes, depending on the financial targets for 2025. In other words, the two firms anticipate laying the first legal groundwork for their agreement within the first fiscal quarter of 2023.

What is Apex Crypto?

Apex Crypto is a crypto market app that supports its users’ crypto trading flows at any time of the day, week, month, or year. The app is committed to providing all its users with seamless trading of more than 44 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Apex Crypto has four main founding goals. These are as follows:

  • Income generation
  • Secure investment environment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market compatibility

Apex FinTech Solutions has created Apex Crypto for fintech operations. The purpose of creating this platform is to find new customers who will become cryptocurrency traders, build the loyalty of this customer profile and create a mutual income stream. Like many cryptocurrency exchanges, Apex Crypto offers pre-funded trading, leveraged trading, secure wallet creation, futures, staking and NFT trading.

Bakkt’s Roadmap

Bakkt technology company, which ended its partnership with Intercontinental Exchange in 2018, strives to provide bitcoin and loyalty reward services to other organizations that provide services within its organization. Having built its entire infrastructure for this scheme, Bakkt also provides services on the development and diversification of purchase types, elaboration of offer scaling and product development.

Stating that he is pleased with this agreement between Apex FinTech Solutions and Bakkt, Bakkt CEO Gavin Michael also stated that they want to create a large crypto token chain market that will cover a large part of the market. In addition to its previous investments, Bakkt plans to enter areas such as crypto staking, coin transfers and the NFT market with this acquisition. As a result, the company aims to increase the crypto market and buyers and create a natural circulation.

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