Polygon and Forint Finance Work Together

Forint Finance said that eager to begin working with the Polygon team because of the seamless integration of all the benefits of both the SWAPPY Cross-chain Platform and the Polygon Blockchain.

What is SWAPPY?

The trading platform known as Swappy was created by Forint Finance Ltd. as an advancement of the Cross-chain swap and Dex ideas. In short, it is a digital platform that emerged from the necessity for trading on or between different chains.

You can download the Swappy app from the Google Play Store and very soon from the iOS App Store, so you can start working in DeFi. According to many users, DeFi is much better with Swappy.

About Polygon

The leading blockchain development environment, the company, provides Web3 blockchains that are scalable, inexpensive, safe, and sustainable. With over 174.9 million unique user addresses, tens of thousands of decentralized apps, and $5 billion or more in assets secured, Polygon‘s scaling solutions have been widely adopted.



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