Google Cloud Become a Tezos Network Validator

Tezos Network and Google service have announced their collaboration. The cloud service has evolved into one of the network’s validators as a result of the relationship.

Google Cloud Become a Tezos Network Validator

Users of the cloud service will have the option to deploy Tezos nodes. The Blockchain Node Engine service will list Tezos among its supported networks. With it, customers may instantly deploy nodes using the Google service.

The native Tezos token (XTZ) price increased by more than 6% per day in response to the news of the relationship with the company. At the time of article 02/22/2023, the asset is trading at $1.28.

About Google Service

The platform initially exclusively supported the Ethereum blockchain. The list of approved networks then expanded once the cloud service joined the Solana validator program in November. Afterward, Aptos joined Solana and Ethereum. Consequently, Google is actively researching blockchain technology.


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