MasterCard to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Using USDC Settlements in Web3

Users will be able to make cryptocurrency payments across digital, physical, and metaverse worlds with a collaboration between Web3 payment protocol and payments pioneer. As soon as the user’s end of the transaction is successful, USD Coin will be converted to fiat and utilized to settle transactions on the Mastercard network.

MasterCard to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Using USDC Settlements in Web3

Decentralized protocols are used by the cooperation to settle real-time bitcoin transactions at merchants who accept card payments online. Users won’t need to rely on a third party for collateral when making direct cryptocurrency payments using their existing Web3 wallets. Instead, Immersve will collaborate with a third-party settlement service and permit all transactions to be made using USDC.

Users will be able to utilize their private keys to approve payments through well-known Web3 wallets to access the feature. Moreover, the APIs and smart contracts of the company can be integrated with Web3 wallets and decentralized financial protocols to enable transactions anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


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