CDS Collaboration Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain
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Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain

Coin98 made a strategic investment in TomoChain.

Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain

Coin98 has made an announcement regarding its strategic investment in TomoChain, a blockchain network renowned for its remarkable scalability and security. This investment is aimed at maintaining the momentum in infrastructure development.

Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain

Coin98, a prominent player in the blockchain industry, has announced its strategic investment in TomoChain, a highly secure and scalable blockchain network.

This investment aims to expedite the development of essential infrastructure within the ecosystem.

Coin98’s latest move also marks its official designation as the wallet provider for TomoChain, paving the way for millions of users to embrace Web3 through the seamless integration of Coin98 and TomoChain.

TomoChain, which has been operating on its mainnet since 2018, has gained recognition for its exceptional scalability and robust security features. The network boasts full support for EVM-compatible smart contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. With its extensive expertise and competitive technology, the TomoChain team has successfully onboarded millions of users into the Web3 space, contributing significantly to its growth.

Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain
Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain 1

Coin98’s decision to back TomoChain represents another significant step in its mission to drive industry adoption. Recognizing the pivotal role of infrastructure scalability, particularly at the layer-1 blockchain level, Coin98 aims to eliminate existing barriers and enhance the usability of decentralized applications.

In addition to the strategic investment, Coin98 is actively engaged in onboarding new users to the Web3 landscape through its partnership with TomoChain. As the official wallet provider for this layer-1 blockchain, Coin98 Community members can unlock a host of long-term benefits and seize opportunities within the thriving TomoChain ecosystem.

With these combined efforts, Coin98 and TomoChain are poised to shape the future of Web3 and revolutionize the way people interact with decentralized technologies.

We are aligned with TomoChain’s vision – onboarding millions of users by empowering today’s applications with technology that masks the friction of Blockchain, all while retaining its underlying benefits. Coin98 always strongly supports projects that offer innovative solutions to scale and develop infrastructure to help accelerate Web3 adoption.

Vinh The Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder of Coin98 Finance

Collaboration with Coin98 will enable TomoChain to continue to expand the team, attract a greater number of builders to the network, and facilitate the onboarding of millions of users. We are looking forward to the new journey ahead.

Long Vuong – Founder of TomoChain

Coin98 and TomoChain share a mutual goal of democratizing access to Web3 for all individuals. Their collective vision aims to transform the ecosystem and enable a smooth transition from the Web2 era to the Web3 sphere in the near future.

About TomoChain

Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain
Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain 2

Since 2018, TomoChain has been operating as a scalable blockchain network powered by the Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus mechanism. With a community-driven approach, TomoChain aims to expedite the widespread adoption of web3 applications.

Notably, TomoChain achieves impressive metrics, including 2000 transactions per second (TPS), a block time of 2 seconds, and minimal gas fees (~$0), all while maintaining a high level of decentralization.

About Coin98

Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain
Coin98 Makes Strategic Investment in TomoChain 3

Coin98 is a prominent player in the DeFi space, specializing in the creation and expansion of a robust ecosystem encompassing DeFi protocols, Web3 applications, and NFTs across various blockchains.

Coin98 is primarily known as a DeFi product builder, focused on developing and expanding a comprehensive ecosystem of DeFi protocols, Web3 applications, and NFTs across multiple blockchains.

Coin98’s mission is to meet the growing demand in the DeFi space by providing innovative solutions and enhancing the usability and accessibility of DeFi services. The company aims to simplify the user experience and enable individuals to effortlessly access and utilize DeFi products and services.

With its expertise in blockchain technology and its commitment to innovation, Coin98 plays a crucial role in driving the adoption and advancement of decentralized finance. The company actively collaborates with various blockchain networks and projects to create a thriving ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of DeFi users.

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