CDS Startups For Web3 Startup Virtualness, Former Meta Executives Raised $8 Million in Seed Funding

For Web3 Startup Virtualness, Former Meta Executives Raised $8 Million in Seed Funding

For Web3 Startup Virtualness Raised $8 Million in Seed Funding

The Web3 startup Virtualness, co-founded by Former Meta executives Kirthiga Reddy and Saurabh Doshi, had announced the closing of an $8 million seed round, which is sponsored by Blockchange Ventures.

To help them navigate the creative economy with Virtualness, the two co-founders are drawing on their decades of international entrepreneurial expertise working with creators, media, brands, and tech platforms.

What is the Purpose of Virtualness?

With the use of the startup’s tools, creators may develop their digital treasures that can be printed and shown on the Virtualness mobile platform. With this initial round of funding, the platform plans to expand platform support to more blockchains, integrate with physical and online experiences, and hire more engineers, product designers, and other staff in the US, India, Singapore, Dubai, and other countries. After launching in early 2023, the platform aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Authenticated creators and brands will build their branded digital collections
  • Easily sharing on social media channels
  • Engaging directly with their fans and communities
  • Providing unique experiences
  • Unlocking new channels for monetization

Previously having bootstrapped a proof of concept on the Polygon chain, Virtualness will roll out fundamental functionalities for creators and marketers when the platform debuts in 2023.

About the Platform

A mobile-first platform called Virtualness creates to assist companies and creators in navigating the challenging Web3 space. The platform is a company that prioritizes creators and is developing the playbook for simple design, effective sharing, and seamless digital commerce. It was founded in 2022 by industry luminaries Kirthiga Reddy and Saurabh Doshi.


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