CDS Startups Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round

Syntropy has successfully closed a $4 million investment round.

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round

Syntropy has successfully closed a $4 million investment round. The post-seed round was spearheaded by an impressive lineup of participants, including Alpha Transform GroupAlphemy CapitalDenali DigitalSaxon Ventures, and FirstBlock Capital.

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round
Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round 1

Syntropy, a pioneering technology company, has successfully obtained significant funding dedicated to the development of a groundbreaking Web3 product. Web3, more than just a concept, is an essential connectivity layer for the decentralized digital era. However, its complexity has posed challenges for the average user.

Syntropy aims to address this issue by collaborating with key industry players, working towards a shared objective of making Web3 accessible and widely adopted by developers and users alike.

The recent achievement in fundraising not only reflects the unwavering confidence of industry leaders in Syntropy’s vision and potential within the Web3 realm but also grants the company the necessary resources to expedite its growth and innovation.

With the support of strategic partners, Syntropy is poised to continually enhance its new Web3 product, ensuring its accessibility to the masses and establishing itself as the go-to solution for the industry’s foremost builders and developers.

Expressing gratitude for the trust and backing of investors, partners, and early adopters who share their enthusiasm for a decentralized future, Syntropy looks ahead with anticipation. The company is eager to explore fresh opportunities, confront complex challenges, and ultimately reshape the digital landscape to deliver an enhanced Web3 experience for all stakeholders.

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round
Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round 2

As Syntropy propels its mission forward, the prospect of a decentralized future becomes increasingly tangible, promising a transformative shift in the digital realm.

Syntropy, in an effort to maintain transparency and accountability, acknowledges a communication oversight regarding their previous investment round and seeks to rectify it. The company failed to adequately share the specifics of their successful 2021 seed round, and as a result, they now provide a comprehensive overview of the funding details, totaling $5 million.

The investors who participated in the seed round include prominent names such as:

  • Maven 11
  • Alpha Sigma Capital
  • Meltem Demirors, Chief Investment Officer at Coinshares
  • Obie McKenzie, General Manager at BlackRock
  • Phil Wiser, CTO at ViacomCBS (now Paramount)
  • Reeve Collins, Co-founder of Tether stablecoin and he served as the CEO of the company until 2015.
  • Eric Pulier, Founder of Vatom
  • Roman Pacewicz, former Head of Strategy and Chief Product Officer at AT&T, has previously been announced as the Syntropy advisor
  • Morgan Wandell, Head of International Content Development at Apple TV, formerly Amazon
  • Bear Kittay, a socially conscious investor, musician and Co-founder of Peaceful
  • Kenneth Hertz, Senior Partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein Young & Polk LLP. Ken and his partners specialize in representing talent and media companies in the sports and entertainment industries. The firm’s clients include Will, Jada Pinkett, Jaden, and Willow Smith, H.E.R., Gwen Stefani, The Black Eyed Peas,, Snoop Dogg, Keke Palmer, Simon Sinek, Esther Perel, Keith Richards, Herbie Hancock, Jason Mraz, David Blaine, Jamie Oliver, and Annie Leibovitz
  • Mark Gillespie, named as one of Billboard’s 2021 Change Agents, as well as one of the World’s Greatest Managers by Music Business Worldwide
  • Ford Smith, entrepreneur in cannabis and psychedelics space for the past seven years
  • Dean Greenberg – entrepreneur in the logistics sector
  • Chip Smith – entrepreneur in the oil and gas sector

Syntropy expresses deep gratitude to these investors for their belief in the company’s vision and their valuable contributions to its progress.

Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round
Syntropy Successfully Closes $4M Investment Round 3

Looking ahead, Syntropy is poised to make significant advancements with the support of its investors and the secured funding. As the company approaches the end of Q2, it anticipates emerging from stealth mode and unveiling its new Web3 vision and product at the upcoming Aptos Hack Holland event.

In conjunction with this milestone, Syntropy plans to launch a redesigned website that showcases its innovative approach. Additionally, the company is eager to collaborate with key Web3 partners who share the same commitment to building a decentralized and secure digital future. To provide clarity to its community and stakeholders, Syntropy will release a roadmap outlining the upcoming growth milestones and the company’s vision.

Syntropy maintains confidence that these initiatives will propel them forward, allowing them to have a significant impact in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape. With a continued focus on innovation and growth, the company remains dedicated to fostering excellence in all aspects of its endeavors.

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