Scale3 Labs raises $5.3 Million in Seed Round

Scale3 Labs was created by former Coinbase employees. Scale3 Labs, which aims to provide Web3 Infrastructure, has raised $5.3 million in investment in a seed round led by Redpoint Ventures. Other names participating in the tour are Mysten Labs and Howard University. Scale3 Labs, which currently has only 7 employees, plans to expand its team with people focused on engineering and product marketing with the investment collected. Scale3 draws attention to the complexity and speed problem, especially on blockchain node operators. Ola Muse, CEO of Scale3 Labs, said:

“We are building the Web3 observability and monitoring platform for blockchain nodes and networks. The DevOps for blockchain nodes are a challenge for every node operator, including exchanges, custodians, L1 foundations, staking providers, and node infrastructure providers. We have decades of infrastructure experience and are tackling this problem by building the much-needed standards and tools into our platform to simplify blockchain network and node operations”

Scale3 plans to solve these problems with its first product, Autopilot. It plans to integrate Ethereum, Solana, and Aptos blockchains into its product first in the future, for the product that currently only supports the Sui blockchain.


About Scale3 Labs

Scale3 is a Web3 infrastructure project founded by former Coinbase employees Ola Muse and Karthik Kalyanaraman, who have sufficient experience on Web3 infrastructure. In addition, there are names in the team who have worked at large companies such as Microsoft, Dropbox, VMware, HP and Consensys. We can say that the fact that the team has a strong infrastructure and experience in Web3 promises hope for the future of the project. Scale3 Labs currently has a product called Autopilot for the Web3 infrastructure. Autopilot is expected to support the top 10 blockchains in the coming months.


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