CDS Startups Quantum Temple Raises $2M in Pre-Seed Funding

Quantum Temple Raises $2M in Pre-Seed Funding

Quantum Temple Raises $2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding
Quantum Temple Raises $2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

Quantum Temple has raised $2 million in Pre-Seed financing to benefit from Web3 technology for the protection of cultural heritage.

Funding Highlights

Quantum Temple wants to leverage Web technology to preserve cultural heritage. To this end, the Pre-Seed round was led by Borderless Capital. Leading names in the industry, such as Algorand Foundation, Outliers Fund, Shima Capital, New Moon Ventures, and NxGen, as well as some angel investors, participated in the Funding Round.

Quantum Temple
Quantum Temple

Protecting Cultural Heritage

Quantum Temple harnesses the power of blockchain technology and NFTs to preserve cultural heritage and facilitate fair exchange. Quantum Temple is converting heritage artworks into NFTs with the help of an advisory board consisting of culture keepers, government institutions, civil society, curatorial anthropologists, and content creators. The first advisory board is composed of:


Stephen Lansing is an American anthropologist, external professor at the Santa Fe Institute and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, a visiting scholar at the Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society at INSEAD Singapore, and emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona. He is especially known for his decades of research on the emergent properties of human-environmental interactions in Bali, Borneo, and the Malay Archipelago; social-ecological modeling, and complex adaptive system.

Vibeke Sorensen is an artist and profesor working in digital multimedia. Her research at CASBS will include explorations of musical and calendrical polyrhythms from Bali to Kauai using digital media and the emergence of Jungian archetypes from dream networks.

​​About Quantum Temple

Quantum Temple is a Web3 platform dedicated to preserving cultural heritage. The platform enables cultures around the world to transform their forms of knowledge, art, and tradition into NFTs, enabling forever preservation and fair trade. Quantum Temple believes that it helps to preserve cultural heritage items that it sees at risk by documenting and transforming them into NFTs. It also creates an incentive for younger generations to get involved in family traditions and preserve their cultural heritage. Linda Adami, CEO of Quantum Temple said:

“We’re committed to building a transparent and regenerative funding model to preserve cultural heritage. We’re committed to using blockchain as regenerative finance infrastructure to allow a new transparent and equitable funding model to preserve cultural heritage and positively impact ancestral communities working in the sector. To achieve our mission, we’re connecting philanthropists and culture patrons who are committed to protecting cultural heritage and its role in maintaining our collective identity, beliefs, and purpose.”


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