CDS Startups Pandora Finance, October Community Newsletter

Pandora Finance, October Community Newsletter

Pandora Finance, October Community Newsletter

During September, Pandora Finance made improvements and business partnerships for its ecosystem in many different areas. Stating that it is happy with business partnerships and developments, Pandora announced its efforts and achievements in September. Today we will review the important developments and partnerships of the past month for Pandora.

Community Newsletter
Community Newsletter

Tech Updates

Pandora is helping LivWell, which is looking to build a Phygital-based NFT Marketplace on the Express Protocol SDK that differs from normal marketing strategies. Together with this assistance, Phygital development aims to guide the future of the sector.

Pandora Finance has started working on V2 of Express Protocol to offer more advanced features and functionality to its users.

Pandora is also trying to integrate the Biconomy Mexa Gasless SDK into the Express Protocol for its content creators. Thus, the biggest obstacles that content creators encounter when launching will be eliminated.

Tech Update
Tech Update

Marketing Updates

Pandora Finance Partnered with H-Hedz  Pandora will create NFT Staking Dapps for H-Hedz using the protocol SDK.

Pandora Finance partnered with CFJ’s MadForNFTs. With this partnership, MadForNFTs aims to establish an NFT Marketplace on the Express Protocol SDK.

Pandora has partnered with Xandar Games to help them build a GameFi-based NFT Marketplace on the Express Protocol SDK.

By integrating the Biconomy Mexa Gasless SDK into the Express protocol, it has removed the barrier for content creators to make the NFT ecosystem more seamless.

Marketing Updates
Marketing Updates

Community Engagement

Pandora Finance has released a training video for users on how they can create an NFT on their own Express Protocol.

Pushkar Vohra, founder and CEO of Pandora Finance, introduced Express Protocol at the Global Digital Asset Summit 2022 in Singapore. He also gave a talk about Web3 NFTs and the significance of building NFT Dapps on the Protocol Layer.

About Pandora Finance

Pandora Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that provides liquidity to multi-asset classes NFTs by leveraging the blockchain infrastructure. Pandora Finance currently has 2 different products as Express Protocol and Unity Market to meet the needs and problems of NFT lovers. They plan to launch the Aconomy product that they announced, in the coming days. In October, among Dec’s upcoming projects are The Launch of Express Protocol V2 and the Release of the updated version of Unity Market is available.


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