CDS Startups NFT Incubator, Trading and SocialFi Platform UneMeta, Announced That It Has Closed a $5 Million Funding Round

NFT Incubator, Trading and SocialFi Platform UneMeta, Announced That It Has Closed a $5 Million Funding Round


The NFT sector has received a lot of attention in the recent past. It has built a huge market for itself with the interest it has captured. The company also became an indispensable member of the Metaverse. And from that market, many businesses, projects, and communities sought to gain ground. And many of them have taken their place and printed their own name. On top of this, UneMeta mentions its name with the funds it receives and financing announcements.

UneMeta provides world-class NFT incubation services, transaction marketplace and space for users to interact in this marketplace.

For this funding round, UNEMETA Co-Founder Ann  : “UneMeta aims to increase its brand impact by bringing better quality NFT projects and services to the NFT Market and to add value to the sector by establishing better community services and a better product experience.” said.

Japan’s largest Internet of Things (IoT)Jasmy Foundation His Chief Representative, STONE, is confident that UNEMETA will come.

Jasmy Foundation Chief Representative STONE : ” The Asia Pacific region is a very attractive area for Web3 development. UneMeta is a rising player in this field and will lead the new NFT eco system.” He said.

In short, if we talk about the Jasmy Foundation, it is the world’s leading IoT blockchain platform.It was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 by Kazumasa Sato, a former executive of Sony Group.

The fact that there are people in the team who have previously been involved in the Sony Group with their experience and experience shows that they have important resources. For example, technology development and ecosystem construction.

Jasmy aims to develop various services for data security and sharing in the era of the metaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT).

UneMeta has many years of experience in discovering and incubating new IP and has built a portfolio of the best IP resources. In the future, UneMeta will focus on the Asia-Pacific Sunday to capture strong opportunities with its work with Jasmy.

They will also discover integrations suitable for Web3 and formulate them with a win-win idea to be able to further expand the community. In addition, the team will continue to demonstrate the commercial value of high-quality IP in the Digital space.

About UneMeta

We can think of UneMeta as the meeting of the social space and the NFT space.

UneMeta addresses the community. The most important thing for Web3 is that everything is easily accessible to the community and that there is a system that is oriented towards the community. Therefore, a community-oriented NFT platform will be presented.

Creating a social NFT market space for quality and built-in IPS and Tokens.A group with basic goals If we talk briefly about 2 goals among these goals, we will Decipher;

  1. To help everyone regain their individual value in the Metaverse.
  2. Using the Metaverse and blockchain to make the world a better place.

For these goals, to build a sustainable community with solid foundations by including everyone in this system.

While they are moving forward with this idea they adopt, their unique slogans are as follows. ‘’As One, We are One. ‘’

UneMeta and Hanazawa Kana are hiding special benefits for collectors, including cash prizes, autographs, virtual dating, customized birthday voicemail, art toy, etc., to bring real value to fans and owners.

About Hanazawa Kana

Hanazawa Kana
Hanazawa Kana

Japanese Voice Over Artist and also actress and singer, Hanazawa Kana is the eighth voice actor to perform a solo concert at Budokan in Japan. She has more than 817.4 thousand followers on Twitter, and the number of viewers on Youtube has exceeded 17.63 million.


Twitter: @Une_Metaverse

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