Muus Collective Raises $5 Million in Seed Round

Muus Collective announced that it has raised 5 million dollars in the Seed tour. The tour was led by Griffin Gaming Partners. Muus Collective and Griffin Gaming Partners want to bring fashion into the Web3 world by bringing a difference to the Web3 world. The company is getting ready to release a P2E game where you can create your character compatible with Web3. Emily Wang, Managing Director of LionTree and Griffin Gaming Partners, said:

“At the intersection of gaming, fashion, and web3, consumer demand exceeds supply. Muus Collective is comprised of a team with a history of creating innovative experiences across all three areas, and we are committed to being a part of this innovative project. We are excited.”

According to the Blockchain Game Alliance, even mobile games, which we consider to be the best to date, generated more than half a billion dollars in revenue, while NFT games generated $ 2.3 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2021 alone. We can say that Muus Collective’s bringing a different perspective to Web3-oriented games played an important role in the investment of Griffin Gaming Partners.

Muus Collective

About Muus Collective and Team

Muus Collective was created by people who are experienced and have sufficient expertise in their field, although they are not known in the fashion, gaming and web sector. Sarah Fuchs, co-founder, and president of platform is familiar with game studios and has been in this industry for more than 20 years. Sarah Fuchs served as vice president and general manager of Covet Fashion, which was recently named the best fashion mobile gaming platform.


Amber Bezahler, the other co-founder and CEO of Muus, is a digital agency and operations manager who manages e-commerce and innovation initiatives for gaming brands such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox, and fashion/beauty platforms. For this project, Bezahler said,

“We are witnessing two great revolutions, one in fashion and the other in the gaming world.”

Also, Wang and Boyoung Kim of Griffin Gaming Partners will serve on the Muus board of directors. The advisory board of Muus Collective consists of Mich Mathews-Spradlin, former CMO of Microsoft, and Felicia Day, an actress, producer, and broadcaster. The Muus Collective’s  first project is a Web3-compatible fashion-style game that will be available on iOS and Android. The Muus Collective team aims to release the game in the middle of next year. This is all our information about the game, which is stated as players can earn money according to the combinations they make while playing the game, for now.

Muus Collective Team
Muus Collective Team


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