Decentralized Search Startup Sepana Raises $10M

Sepana, a Decentralized search platform, has announced that it has raised an investment of $ 10 million. The round of investment was led by Hack VC and Pitango First. Among the participants of the tour were names such as Protocol Labs, Lattice Capital and Balaji Srinivasan. Decentralized search platform, which says that the funds raised will be used to recruit senior blockchain engineers for the platform, is also considering adding experts in the field of search to its platform. In addition, Platform also announced that it will launch a new product for search community. Sepana co-founder and CEO Daniel Keyes said;

“The algorithms that dictate our online lives should be open-source and community-managed.”


About Sepana

The company is a decentralized search platform founded by two brothers Daniel Keyes and David Keyes. The search platform aims to make Web3 content more understandable and accessible through the search engine. For this purpose, the platform, which says that it has developed a Web3 search API that can be integrated with decentralized applications, plans to publish this product in the coming days. According to search platform, the API they have developed can access any decentralized application and search on other blockchains.


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