CDS Startups DayLight Raises $3 Million

DayLight Raises $3 Million

daylight raises $3 million
daylight raises $3 million

Daylight is an API that collects the perks of Web3 in a single field.

About the Seed Round 

Recently, Daylight organized a seed funding round led by Chapter One and Framework Ventures. In its seed funding round, The company announced that it has raised $3 million in funding. In addition, among the participants in the seed round were funds such as OpenSea Ventures, 6th Man Ventures, Decac Ventures and Seed Club Ventures, as well as individual investors such as Nick Beattie (Rainbow), Serafin Lion Engel (Omni Wallet).

Daylight Announcement

The company will use this funding obtained in the seed round to further customize the wallet application, an API product, according to the needs of its users and to grow the Scout community.

What is Daylight?

Daylight API brings together all the Web3 perks that users are entitled to based on their wallet addresses. This project refers to this API as capabilities. Thanks to this technology, users can access NFT mint, airdrop claims, token-gated unlocks and more with just their wallet address. 

Examples of This project’s capabilities:

  • Claim airdrops
  • Mint derivative NFTs
  • Access chats
  • Vote on proposals
  • Renew ENS
  • Access events
  • Unlock shops
  • Delegate votes
  • Revoke access
  • Claim POAPs

This project brings together all the capabilities across Web3 to enhance these:

  1. Indexer – on-chain finds abilities, and adds them to Daylight.
  2. Community – Finds special abilities in, Daylight’s Scouts, special token-gated experiences, derivative mints, staking opportunities, etc.
  3. Integrations – POAP takes talents from community tools like Snapshot, Guild, and 12 other tools that help communities create votes, mints, gates, and other types of talents.

And over time, more and more tools will continue to be added to them.

This project’s web application, which was in the closed beta stage until recently, has now become open to everyone. Users who want to experience and have detailed information can click here to reach out.


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