Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million, Are You Ready for Early Launch?

With the interest shown by investors, the number of exchanges that will list the D2T token has increased. The Dash 2 Trade team decided to push the release date of the program early. So why has Dash 2 Trade attracted so much attention?

Trade’s New Popstar

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto trade analytics and signaling platform that continues to attract a large number of new investors. The project has received more than $ 7 million in investments in a little over a month and has quickly become one of the most popular investments in the crypto environment.

With the growing uncertainty in the cryptocurrency markets, the need for accurate crypto intelligence and on-chain analysis has always been a problem voiced by traders, Dash 2 Trade’s promises offer great solutions to these problems. The launch date of the platform has been delayed as the interest shown by the investors and the number of exchanges wanting to list the D2T token has increased.

Upper Limit Decreased

The developers of Dash 2 Trade have kept the price limit for the fourth pre-sale phase at only $ 13.4 million, a week after announcing that the project is ahead of schedule. The success of the first three phases has allowed the developers to press the pedal full throttle, allowing them to develop the project faster and launch it early.

In addition, the recent collapse of FTX has proved that users need a crypto analytics and signals platform more than ever, and Dash 2 Trade is preparing to be launched to fill exactly this gap. As mentioned above, crypto exchanges have already started competing to list D2T in the shortest possible time. LBank and BitMart will be the first CEX exchanges to list D2T after the pre-sale.

The developers are working to make the platform available to users as soon as possible, which is why they announced that the pre-sale dashboard beta version will be released in the coming weeks, ending the official pre-sale earlier than originally planned. After the beta is released, users will have the opportunity to test Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard and experience the benefits it provides.

Very Soon at CEX’s

The first information about the Dash 2 Trade pre-sale began to be talked about in the crypto ecosystem a little more than a month ago. The recent collapse of FTX shook the entire crypto market, but it created an excellent opportunity for Dash 2 Trade to provide users with the confidence they need to continue investing in digital assets. Dash 2 Trade is made according to the best industry practices. CoinSniper has KYC’ed and is controlled by Solid Proof. This means that the platform has solid foundations and an anti rugg-pull mechanism.

All these factors led to a huge increase in investments, but also increased the interest of crypto exchanges in the project. LBank and BitMart have promised to list D2T tokens as soon as the pre-sale ends. Dash 2 Trade, despite lowering the presale token upper limit, will find a place on the lists of strong exchanges with the strong support of the public.

 The pre-sale will end after the fourth stage instead of the ninth stage as originally planned. Tokens that will not be sold due to the expiration of the pre-sale will be locked for five years. These have been expressed as major changes for Dash 2 Trade, so instead of launching all the tools from day one, the platform will launch its key features first and add more tools throughout 2023.

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard

The main feature of Dash 2 Trade is the all-in-one dashboard, which provides crypto traders with accurate information about any crypto in real time. This is a revolutionary tool for trading cryptocurrencies and will bring many benefits that increase the return on investment while reducing risk. The platform’s state-of-the-art control panel will enter an open beta mode in the coming weeks, allowing users who use the beta to experience firsthand the advantages it will provide to traders. The current state of the crypto market has created the perfect environment for the dashboard to show what it is capable of. There seems to be a big rally for the future of the D2T token.

About Dash 2 Trade

2022 has taught us that new crypto projects need to offer more benefits and value in order to survive. Dash 2 Trade attracted the attention of investors because it is one of the few rare projects focused on increasing profits, and it was so successful in the pre-sale. Dash 2 Trade is a new project of the team behind Learn 2 Trade, a platform with more than 70,000 active traders.

The unique system of the platform pulls all the necessary data and presents it on a single dashboard. The dashboard contains all the efficient data that will come to your mind, from competitive offers to on-chain analytics, social sentiment analysis, live market data, and news feeds. After the official launch, Dash 2 Trade will add automated trading features, broker API support, and a pre-sale alert system to ensure that you get the best offers every time.





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