CDS Startups Be the Centre with Shardeum!

Be the Centre with Shardeum!

Be the Centre with Shardeum!

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas emissions while maintaining decentralization and security through dynamic state sharing. The EVM mentioned here is known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine. That is, the platform can be defined as a consensus-based, globally executed virtual machine

What is Shardeum?

It is the first linearly scalable smart contract platform that increases transactions per second (TPS) by adding each incoming participant to the system and creating a centre. However, the platform has attracted all the attention by collecting an investment of $ 18.2 million from more than 50 investors around the world. The fact that almost 40% of the investors in question are angel investors has revived the curiosity about Shardeum.


The activities of the platform between 2017-2021 are as follows:

  • The consensus algorithm was defined and tested
  • Auto-scaling and rate-limiting for an unhardened network of 20 centers 
  • Linear scaling (small fragmented centers)
  • Small/Medium AWS network  

Between 2021-2023, the roadmap of the platform is as follows:

  • Demo of EVM integration with Shardus
  • Structured Shardeum Foundation in Switzerland
  • Alfanet 1.0 launch
  • Distributed in AWS to individual medium centers in different regions
  • Private sales have started
  • Alfanet 2.0 launch
  • The first smart contract platform to implement EIP2930
  • Coin Creation Activity
  • Public Sale

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Shardeum is a very detailed roadmap and will turn into a platform that can further develop itself around the map axis.


Platform’s features can peruse under 6 different sub-topic.

1) EVM-Based Layer 1 Blockchain

Any dApp that can run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine will run smoothly on Shardeum.

2) Linear Scalability and Low Gas Emission

Each hub that joins the Shardeum network immediately increases the number of transactions per second (TPS) and the total capacity of the network to achieve linear scaling and ensure low transaction fees even as usage grows.

3) Everyone Can Be the Centre

The hardware requirements to run a validator centre are kept low by offloading historical data to archive centres and adding more centres to reduce the load on each validator.

4) Instant Precision and Low Latency

All transactions are guaranteed to be processed within a few seconds to ensure low latency, and cannot be undone after processing to provide instant certainty.

5) Solid Security

Proof-of-Stake with leaderless Quorum protection, consensus algorithm, waiting centres, centre rotation, and unauthorized participation improve the network’s security.

6) Energy Efficiency and Fair Distribution

Shardeum processes the process on a first-come, first-served basis, with the same gas rate for all transactions to ensure fairness and eliminate miners’ extractable value. In short, Shardeum as a PoS network is energy efficient and sustainable.

Shardeum is More Active Than You Think

Shardeum, which has more than 100,000 users in Liberty, has held more than 10 active meetings in 2 months with more than 700 participants. More than 50 active participants helping with various tasks such as webinars, partnerships and blogs met with more than 20 international communities (Turkey, Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.) created by participants who are passionate about Shardeum and Web3. Additionally, the platform has 20,000 Discord members, 43,000 Twitter followers, and 5000 Telegram subscribers.


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