CDS Startups $3.3 Million Seed Funding to Notebook Labs

$3.3 Million Seed Funding to Notebook Labs

$3.3 Million Seed Funding to Notebook Labs

Notebook Labs, a zero-knowledge identification infrastructure layer provider, has received $3.3 million in seed funding. The successful company is located in Stanford, California.

Notebook Labs’ Success in Seed Funding

Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Abstract Ventures, Pioneer Fund, NFX, Very Serious Ventures Partner Chase Adams, Algofi Co-Founder Owen Colegrove, and Landeed Founder and CEO Sanjay Mandava also participated in the round, which was led by Bain Capital Crypto. The funding received will be used by the company to expand the technology infrastructure and further expand the development team.

About Notebook Labs

Notebook Labs was founded by Nathaniel Masfen-Yan, Solal Afota, and Dhruv Mangtani. Basically, it is a layer of identity infrastructure. That is, it protects anonymity and privacy through zero-knowledge proofs while enabling pre-existing identity providers to communicate with Web3. 

Moreover, the company offers a cross-chain compatible and privacy-preserving identity layer. For example, DeFi can be used to improve the security of governance and airdrops. Sybil-resistant airdrops can be managed by creators and communities, and DAOs can collect participant credentials and verify their humanity. However, lending protocols can develop credit assessment models to provide loans with less collateral.


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