CDS Press Release Casper Blockchain Lightning Fast dApp Deployment with the Suite
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Casper Blockchain Lightning Fast dApp Deployment with the Suite

Casper Blockchain Lightning Fast dApp Deployment with the Suite

The Future of dApp Deployment: Casper Blockchain’s Rapid Solutions

Integration with blockchain still remains a mystery for many engineers, even for those who might be familiar with it as end users. While smart contract development often attracts most of the attention and coverage in technical write-ups, developers are often left to their own devices when it comes to figuring out how to integrate blockchain technology with the rest of their application.

The Casper Ecosystem thankfully offers solutions that eliminate  problems around getting started and deploying live dApps on Casper in one complementary product suite, making it one of the most developer-friendly blockchain ecosystems. Developed by MAKE and granted by Casper Association,, and address user interactions with the blockchain and provide tools to read and observe the network activity in real time.

Single-Sign-In, Integrated On-ramps and Social Logins elegantly solves the end user authentication problem by welcoming users with a familiar-looking Single-Sign-On experience where they can connect to any Casper-enabled application using their preferred wallet. Users who are entirely new to the blockchain can enjoy a smooth onboarding experience by using self-custodial wallets linked to social logins, their email address or cell phone number.

When it comes to being able to pay for contract calls, integration with multiple on-ramps guarantees that all users will be able to obtain tokens quickly and easily, regardless of their geographical region.

Single-Sign-In, Integrated On-ramps and Social Logins
Casper Blockchain Lightning Fast dApp Deployment with the Suite 1

Developers can quick-start their integration, and complete customization is also possible using the lower-level SDK. Mobile Casper Wallet is automatically supported, making your Casper-enabled application truly cross-platform out of the gate. Most developers, regardless of their prior experience with blockchain integrations, can bootstrap a functional front-end application with in a matter of minutes.

REST APIs, WebSockets and Node RPC with

Applications, including those integrated using, can rely on to observe on-chain activity on the Casper Network. is an enterprise-grade middleware platform that can be used separately from, and equips developers with highly available and scalable REST APIs that provide low-latency access to normalized and indexed blockchain data, fungible and non-fungible token activity, historical pricing data, and related off-chain metadata. Real-time WebSocket streams make it possible to granularly subscribe to the data you are interested in, allowing your application to react immediately whenever your smart contracts emit an event or when an on-chain entity you observe changes its state.

Both the REST API and the Real-time WebSocket streams rely entirely on widely used internet standards, making it exceedingly easy to integrate with existing and new applications without the need to know or learn any new technologies. This unlocks Casper blockchain development to the tens of millions of software engineers at businesses and enterprises who’ve never  interacted with a blockchain before.  And for those applications that need direct access to the native Casper Node RPC API, provides a cache-enabled, high-performance and highly-available managed node infrastructure for maximally performant access without the associated overhead.

Both and come with comprehensive documentation and examples. Developers can start building on the Casper network with and by registering on and generating their access keys for instant access.

Casper is Solving Real World Problems For Builders

In most environments, to be able to interact with smart contracts, end users must possess blockchain accounts with sufficient token balances to cover smart contract execution costs. Getting users through the process of creating and managing private and public keys, keeping their recovery phrases safe, as well as funding their accounts with tokens, already represents a serious UX challenge. And this corresponds to a significant bounce rate of new users, and lower retention of existing ones.

For developers, the underlying technical integration with multiple crypto wallets and fiat on-ramps adds another layer of complexity, demanding considerable initial engineering effort and time, as well as ongoing maintenance and up-keep with ever- and rapidly evolving standards, regulatory constraints, APIs and SDKs of third party wallet and on-ramp providers. solves all this for application developers.

Casper also helps developers address that smart contracts are executed on-chain asynchronously, i.e. the end user submits a transaction to the network, the transaction gets processed when a new block is created, and that results in a change of state. Applications must constantly monitor network activity to properly respond to the contract logic and any state changes it may produce that are relevant to their overall application. This requires not only an in-depth understanding of how the blockchain works but also a reliable and scalable infrastructure.

While theoretically, the application can connect to any public node, in practice, the reliability of these nodes remains uncertain. A serious application or business will certainly not want to rely on just any public node, without assured redundancy, maintenance, uptime and disaster recovery processes in place, and without dedicated domain experts to ensure their application always runs smoothly. The suite of building tools in, and ensures developers do not have to worry about the integration process, and can exclusively focus on their creativity and core business.

Build with Casper by registering on and generate your access keys for instant access.

Casper Blockchain Lightning Fast dApp Deployment with the Suite
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