What is Cosmos Eleven?

Cosmos Eleven is basically a football management game. You can develop various strategies with this game that simulates a football game and allows you to live the life of a football manager.

The Players in The Cosmos

At Cosmos Eleven, you can choose from 3 types, 2 of which are mixed. You can make friends with humans, artificial intelligence, and aliens. However, there are 16 players in each position and 5 rare players in total. Since there are 12 different positions that can be filled, there can be 192 different players.


A player’s skill level is indicated by a numerical value. When it comes to experience, rarity comes first. However, when players increase their skill level, they also increase their stats more quickly.

There are 11 different features in the game, including passing, heading, shooting, and other actions. Experience points from previous matches can be used as well as in-game currency (Dimian Token $DIM) for each feature development. Every player will gain experience whether they win or lose. But, of course, winning a match allows you to gain more experience.

How to Create a Team?

There are 3 steps to follow to create a team at Cosmos Eleven:

  • As a first step to building your own team, you should purchase a package from Cosmos Eleven‘s drop or from the secondary market.
  • In the second step, choose the best tactic for your team and gather your team, coaches, medical staff, and coaches in the way you want.
  • Finally, you can start playing the game to earn experience points (EXP) and tokens.

However, it is not enough just to follow the steps above before you can start the game. You need a minimum of 11 players, 1 medic, 1 coach, and 1 tactic. After putting all this together, you can start the game.

What is the Purpose of Cosmos Eleven?

Managing and directing a football team during numerous tournament matches, league matches, and friendly matches is the main focus of Cosmos Eleven. As a manager, you can have complete control over your team‘s strategy and tactics. As a result, your team gets great benefits for participating in Cosmos Eleven and winning.

The Cosmos Eleven Team

Behind the success of Cosmos Eleven are Alan Lucic, Dr. SC Mario Brcic, Borna Valent, Karla Atlija, and Ivan Komljenovic, which you see in the photo above.

Road Map

You can see the roadmap of the Cosmos Eleven team in the image above.




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