CDS Metaverse P2E A Brief Review of Artyfact Web3 Metaverse – 2023
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A Brief Review of Artyfact Web3 Metaverse – 2023

This article contains a brief review of the Artyfact Web3 metaverse.

A Brief Review of Artyfact Web3 Metaverse - 2023

Artyfact is an innovative Web3 metaverse game that puts the gaming experience ahead of profits. Adopting the play-to-earn model, the platform aims to be the first metaverse to combine AAA and play-to-earn mechanics.

A Brief Review of Artyfact Web3 Metaverse – 2023

Players of the Artyfact web3 metaverse can experience different AAA-quality play-to-earn games. Thus, they can earn the ARTY token, the platform’s token. With the earned token, users can purchase NFTs such as avatars, weapons, virtual properties, and clothes. They can also easily participate in virtual concerts, NFT exhibitions, and other events within the platform.

Artyfact, a new open-world gaming metaverse built on the Binance Smart Chain and powered by Unreal Engine 5, has made it one of its primary goals to create an engaging metaverse with high-quality graphics. The GameFi community was abuzz after the Artyfact team recently released a demo of one of the play-and-earn games in their metaverse. The video is available below.


$ARTY is the ecosystem’s native deflationary cryptocurrency and governance token. The integrated play-to-earn solutions keep the $ARTY’s value growing by maintaining a steady demand for it.

The token can be used to pay for in-game items (NFTs) in Artyfact, take part in the DAO’s governance, get incentives for staking $ARTY, and gain access to premium features. Additionally, the Artyfact team will purchase back and burn 20% of its profits each quarter, deflationizing $ARTY.

Types of Games on the Platform

Two game types are available on the platform. Information about tournaments and battles is as follows:

  • Tournaments: Players compete in tournaments and get RP by using different game modes. Players with the greatest RP at the end of each month earn $ARTY from the prize pool as well as a constrained NFT. Initially, there are were game modes for tournaments. Additional game modes are unlocked by purchasing an Artyfact pass.
  • Battles: Players bet money in $ARTY during battles, which builds the prize pool for that particular combat. The entire prize pool goes to the game’s winner. Players have two game types to choose from during battles: deathmatch, where one person wins, and team deathmatch, where teams of players compete for the same prize pool. Artyfact pass holders are the only ones with access to battles.

Players can choose the one that suits them best and start playing.


The platform’s successful team is as follows:

  • Oleg Boytsov: Founder & CEO
  • Dalton Grand Jnr: Operations Manager
  • Cameron Pino: CMO
  • Gaurav Solanke: CTO
  • Shankar Langote: Senior Game Developer
  • Akash Bhavekar Senior Game Developer
  • Akash Palve: Game Developer
  • Piyush Rathod: Blockchain Game Developer

With the meticulous work of this team, the platform is getting closer and closer to being the best in its field.

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