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Pirates 2048

Pirates 2048
Pirates 2048

Pirates 2048 is a browser and blockchain-based game that is still in the beta stage.


Pirates 2048 is a browser-based, multiplayer, futuristic NFT pirate ship battle game. In this game, each player controls a pirate ship and aims to survive in the sea arena where other pirates try to destroy ships and collect valuables from the seas to earn points and crypto.

The Story of the Game

The year is 2048… 

Our planet is a very different place. Due to climate change, all the land ice on the planet has melted by 2035. This dramatically reshaped the continents and flooded many major cities of the world.

Then came 2039 and an unknown nuclear holocaust. Most of the land now remaining is a nuclear wasteland, and most of the survivors live on small islands or floating communities known as harbours. Most of the technology and knowledge have been lost.

The seas are now a dangerous place full of pirates and their clans. In 2048, mysterious purple stones began to appear in the seas.

In-Game Items


The area where players have their ships and which they use to save the Pirates 2048 game. Before leaving the game, the players must come to this port and save the game and exit.

BOT Ship

They are artificial intelligence-controlled ships that aim to destroy players’ ships.

Harvester Ship

These ships are gems collecting ships. In the game, when players defeat their opponent, all the precious stones that their opponent has collected are poured into the sea. Using these ships, precious stones are collected from the sea.

Stolen Fishing Boat

It is a fishing boat that the players have stolen from the ports.

Ammo Pack

This increases the ship’s ammunition to 100% again.

Medical Pack

This makes the ship stability 100% again

Floating precious stones

Players who find these stones in the sea earn as many points as the number of stones they find. 

Floating bootle

Players can get lucky for them when they find the floating bottles floating in the sea. It may contain Grand Tournament ticket NFT or survivor art NFT, or nothing.

How to Make a Profit?

In the Pirates 2048 game, players can earn money in various ways. These are; 

  • By entering the rank (i.e. the top 3) in the monthly rankings
  • Prize pool ( A certain percentage of game sales is transferred to the prize pool. The prizes accumulated in the prize pool are distributed to the players in the determined proportions.)
  • By destroying the ships of the opposing players (Players earn 5 MATIC when they defeat their opponents.) 
  • Year-end tournaments (The Pirates 2048 game holds a big tournament at the end of each year. The winners of this tournament are given MATIC as a prize.


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