Midgard – Get Ready to Clash

Inspired by Scandinavian Mythology NFT based play-to-earn game Midgard gives a chance to take a deep dive into the world of Vikings and to collect limited-edition digital trading cards. So choose the weapon and get prepared to battle. Train your character, develop your weapon and become invincible!

Midgard – Blockchain Based World of Vikings

Let’s take a closer look on Midgard’s gameplay, characters, weapon and roadmap.


After logging in, players would have to choose the wallet that they would like to connect with. For this game, players can use Wax cloud or Anchor Wallets.


Midgard P2E gameMidgard P2E gameMidgard P2E gameMidgard P2E gameMidgard P2E game

Players can choose different characters: Thor, also known as God of thunder, the protector of Midgard, Odin, also known as Wednesday, the father of all gods, Heimdallr, the protector of Bifrost, Son of legendary Thorstein Vikings Frithiof and Loki, also known as god of mischief.


Midgard – Get Ready to ClashMidgard – Get Ready to ClashMidgard – Get Ready to ClashMidgard – Get Ready to ClashMidgard – Get Ready to Clash

Each of these characters has his own weapon: Thor has his hammer Mjölnir,Odin has the spear called Gungnir,  Heimdallr battles with his long sword called Höfuo, Frithiof has the sword called Angurvadal and Loki uses his ancestral sword Lævateinn.

Players have to select weapons (maximum 3 for 1 dungeon) from their weapon chest that would be used throughout the game season.

It is also possible to train the characters and develop their weapons by using runes. Users need to collect 5 rune pieces to create Runes from each rarity. In addition of that, users can get NFT cards of characters and weapon, finding them in chests which are NFT packs that contain digital trading cards.

Combining 4 Bronze Characters and Bronze Rune players can get a Silver Character Card, combining 3 Silver Characters and Silver Rune Rune will provide to get a Gold Character Card and combining 2 Gold Characters and Gold Rune with required Yggdrasill will help to get a Platinum Character Card.

In-Game Currency

The in-game token is Yggdrasill (YGD) with its total supply of 4 billion. Players could withdraw their Yggdrasil Tokens to their wallets, when they reach the 3.000 Yggdrasill during the game. If users keep 10.000 Yggdrasill in their accounts and don’t withdraw, they will be rewarded with 20% Reduce Waiting Time in the game.


Midgard – Get Ready to Clash



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