CDS Metaverse P2E Discover the Middle Ages with Domi Online
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Discover the Middle Ages with Domi Online

Discover the Middle Ages with Domi Online

Domi Online, which has its own cryptocurrency DOMI, is a play-to-earn 3D MMORPG game using the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche networks. Set in a different medieval atmosphere, players explore forests, deserts, ruins, caves, and islands in search of wealth and power.

What is Domi’s Story?

Domi is a mysterious, harsh, and cruel land. It is a place where scary things hide in shady forests and mythological monsters roam the mountains. It is a painful place where the wretches are waiting to attack and plunder the unfortunates who dare to stand in their way. However, the Domi people have a resilient spirit and a brave heart. These people overcome difficulties, creating a courageous community united by fortitude and brotherhood in the face of despair and gloom.

The only survivors of the epic battle of Daalanar between the king of Stannfyr and Gor’ath, a fearsome demon determined to destroy all that exists with Domi‘s forces, their beloved master King Latymer rules over the people of Domi. Nevertheless, Gor’ath has not yet been completely defeated. There are rumors that this evil beast is slowly regaining his strength and gathering his powers. The Heroes of Domi united to find, defeat and destroy Gor’ath and his cunning stooges.

How to Play Domi Online?

Domi Online is a 3D MMORPG game that blends blockchain technology and a competitive atmosphere, as PvP gameplay and death have serious consequences. If a player dies, he may lose their expensive equipment. Due to this feature, it is profitable to win PvP battles in the game, while losing is unprofitable. 

Players can develop their characters as they see fit and enter PvP combat when they are ready because there is no level or skill limit. Although the graphics and combat techniques have been improved, the game adopts the old-fashioned war mentality.

Players can form endless guilds within the game and form alliances with other players to compete for server dominance. Since Domi is a game that is played to win, it is very important to form alliances because players can help each other in defeating their opponents. Also, playing together with other players will increase the probability of players’ survival. This prevents a player from losing their equipment, items in their inventory, and some of their hard-earned experience when they die.


DOMI is the official cryptocurrency of Domi Online. Players can earn DOMI tokens by playing the game. DOMI is given as a reward for completing tasks, hunting high-level monsters, and other activities. Players can use DOMI tokens as voting rights for future game developments, for staking, and as a payment method for in-game assets such as houses, equipment, collectibles, and consumables.

Road Map

The roadmap that the team has planned is shown in the image above.


The Domi team, made up of the best in the industry, consists of a main developer who has previously worked on the world’s largest free MMORPG “Runescape”, blockchain experts at Chainguardians, and audio and SFX at Pellek.


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