DeFi Land Overview

Players can own NFT Lands in DeFi Land, a free-to-play blockchain farming simulation game, and earn DFL tokens on the Solana network. Users can craft, buy and trade NFT Lands and in-game items while competing with other players in various mini-games. Browsers can be used to play the game.

What is DeFi Land?

A multi-chain farming simulation game called DeFi Land has been developed to gamify decentralized finance. All the features available on traditional platforms are available in the game, but it is planned to collect all of them in one place. The game will allow players to start playing for free, progress up to the play-2-earn tier, and participate in competitive play, craft, trade, and more.

How to Play DeFi Land?

Playing DeFi Land is completely free for new users, but they must have a DFL token or an NFT in their wallet to access the play-to-earn features. After registering, players must choose one of three groups (Doge, Pepe or Monke). Each group has its own weekly and monthly tasks. The group that performs the best is rewarded.

The main NFT items in the game are fishing rods, shotguns, cars, mining and cutting tools, structures, and animals. There are three different rarity levels for each basic NFT, namely common, ordinary and rare. Legendary and unique rarities are included in Gen0 NFTs. DFL tokens can be used to upgrade structures and animals, as well as to make tools.

Each player can participate in mini-games that give NFT holders experience points and extra rewards. Players take part in the leaderboard with experience points. The best players in the leaderboard, on the other hand, receive token rewards. Mini-games include activities such as fishing, shooting, racing, finding hidden objects, and building towers.

What are DFL and GOLDY?

The DFL token is a native utility token that can be used to purchase, trade, and upgrade in-game NFTs such as tools, animals, and buildings from the market. It is also the governance token that allows voting. DFL, however, can be staked for more profit.

DeFi Land has recently introduced $GOLDY to promote the sustainability of its ecosystems. This is a secondary currency that is mostly used for in-game rewards and small transactions. Completely community-oriented, the only purpose of $GOLDY is to reward players.

Road Map

The planned roadmap of the game is shown in the image above.


Each team member has more than five years of experience in their respective disciplines. Each of the members contributes to the development of the game with their individual expertise and experience.


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