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A Virtual World: Xpansion

A Virtual World: Xpansion

The surviving inhabitants of Earth have sent waves of exploration to colonize habitable planets orbiting nearby stars in response to the planet’s impending apocalypse. This decentralized 4x strategy game with a futuristic environment is called Xpansion.

The Story of Xpansion

In 2200, a great catastrophe is approaching for humanity: mass extinction. Kepler-22B, a promised land with all the prerequisites for survival and rebuilding human society, was discovered in an effort to find new hope.

Xpansion DAO, one of the largest decentralized technology companies in the world, has made significant achievements in researching and using blockchain to establish the Xpansion Project. This is how they discovered Kepler-22B.

This planet seems to have all the prerequisites for life: water, the surrounding ecosystem, rich minerals and good soil. The DAO hastily assembled and selected the most elite members to take part in Xpansion and decided to explore and colonize the planet. The duties of selected members include extracting minerals from mineral deposits, developing new lands, and building bases for the settlement of Earth’s population.

However, we are not the only elected members in this task. The Kepler-22B expedition will face risks from both their own kind and multiple alien races trying to take over the planet.

How to Play Xpansion?

Players need an NFT land in order to establish their colony. Lands can be purchased or rented through the game’s marketplace. Once they own the property, they can build drilling facilities, laboratories and mining robots there. Drilling structures produce more metals and soil, drilling robots produce more minerals, laboratories produce better living modules, and refineries produce more organic materials. Each piece of equipment placed on the land tiles is also counted as an NFT asset. The rarity levels of these NFTs can be common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic. The benefits of NFT increase in parallel with the level of rarity.

In addition to expanding their colony and collecting resources, players can also experience the Cygnus Arena. To compete in these arenas, players need to create a 3-person battle team and have arena tickets. Players who succeed in the arena are rewarded with high-rarity NFT assets and XPS  tokens.

What is the XPS Token?

The XPS token is used as Xpansion’s native cryptocurrency. Owning land, mining on it and being active in the game are the main ways that players can get XPS tokens. 

On the other hand, players must use XPS tokens to develop their land. Because just owning land or mining is not enough for you to get passive income. In addition, XPS tokens can be used to trade, buy and sell NTF in-game assets.


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