XDC Foundation Executive Director Attended in Binance AMA Live Session with tuNNCay

According to a recent announcement, Billy Sebell, executive director of the XDC Foundation, participated in an AMA with cryptocurrency influencer tuNNCay on Binance Live. The AMA session took place on January 5 at 09:30. You can reach the AMA session in question from here. https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2118137

About AMA Session

XDC once again hosted the highly anticipated AMA Live session. This time, tuNNCay, one of the most popular publishers of Binance, held an AMA session with the XDC Network, a hybrid blockchain ecosystem that is ready for corporate use.

At the Binance AMA Live, which took place with Billy Sebell, tuNNCay asked various questions about the XDC Network. Questions included promoting the growth of the XDC ecosystem, maintaining transparency, and examining the network infrastructure. In the Live AMA, the important achievements of the platform over the past two years were also discussed. Furthermore, the session also revealed how the platform interprets the coming years and upcoming projects.

In addition, the presence of Binance‘s well-known crypto live streamer tuNNCay provided participants with a completely immersive experience. As a result, many different topics were touched upon at the AMA session and the enlightening session ended successfully.

About XDC Foundation

XDC Network is a Layer 1 open-source blockchain that is carbon-neutral, enterprise-grade, and interoperable with EVM. The network reaches consensus using a unique delegated proof-of-stake (XDPOS) method. Also, the XDC Network supports the use of many new blockchains that are secure, scalable, and efficient.



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