and tuNNCay Become Binance Live Channel Partners – Congrats! (Feb, 2023)

tuNNCay and announced that they had become Binance Live Channel partners. and tuNNCay Become Binance Live Channel Partners

According to a tweet from on February 11, the two have formed a partnership.

In addition, an AMA session with tuNNCay and Fotis Sach took place on the Binance Live Platform on February 19th at 18.00 UTC. The AMA session was announced in a tweet from’s official Twitter account.

You can visit this link to watch the AMA session:

About Collaboration Event

According to a tweet, an event for the partnership will take place.

You can earn $200 worth of $PROM by doing the tasks on the website you are redirected to for the event.

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AMA Session:

Collab Event:

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