CDS Events Metahorse Unity AMA – $1000 Giveaway

Metahorse Unity AMA – $1000 Giveaway

Metahorse Unity AMA took place on February 8 on X with the participation of Veli Mutlu.

Metahorse Unity AMA - $1000 Giveaway

The recent AMA, with the participation of the Metahorse Unity project and Veli Mutlu, created great excitement in the blockchain world.

Metahorse Unity AMA – $1000 Giveaway

This interactive session provided a significant platform to shed light on key aspects of the project and its future plans. In particular, attendees were excited to hear details about the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of the Metahorse Unity project’s MUNITY token. Daomaker’s announcement today added to this excitement; the IDO’s start date has been set for February 13 and will take place on 4 different launchpads.

Looking at the core elements of the Metahorse Unity project, the MUNITY token is at the center of a massive ecosystem of horse-themed games. Various games, such as Stutengarden (a horse-catching RPG), Metahorse Unity (a mobile horse racing RPG), and M-Deed (horse farm trading game), have been carefully designed to offer a unique experience in the world of horse-themed gaming. The project is developed by Hungri Games and led by an experienced team. This shows that the project is built on a strong base and has a solid foundation for future success.

The AMA session allowed attendees to understand the project’s strategic vision better, addressing significant topics such as the project’s transition to Web3 and how to engage the Web2 community in Web3. It also showed that the project’s future is very bright, with the announcement of big news to come. These included announcements of listing partners and new collaborations.

To sum up, the Metahorse Unity project is an exciting initiative that aims to revolutionize the world of horse gaming. The AMA session provided an opportunity to better understand the project’s foundation and future plans and showed that with the MUNITY token in the center of the project, it is poised to usher in a new era in the gaming world. More exciting developments on the project’s progress are expected in the coming weeks.

Metahorse Unity AMA - $1000 Giveaway
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