CDS Events A Comprehensive Guide to the Metafest 2023 Event

A Comprehensive Guide to the Metafest 2023 Event

This article contains details about the Metafest event that will take place in August.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Metafest 2023 Event

Metafest, known by the slogan “A bit of a conference, a bit of a festival AND A SHITLOAD OF FUN,” will take place between August 11-24.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Metafest 2023 Event

The event actually consists of three different parts. Therefore, each part has a different date range. Below you can see what will happen at the festival on which date:

  • Warm-up: August 11–15
  • Main Event: August 16–18
  • Bus Trip: August 19–24

The event will include various panels, speeches, workshops, performances, and games.

About Metafest 2023

The location, date, and ticket price information for this fun event is as follows:

  • Location: Fort Punta Christo, Croatia
  • Date: August 16-18 (Main event)
  • Ticket Price: Standard (200€) and Patron (420€)

On the other hand, for bulk ticket purchases, 4 standard tickets cost 600€, while patron tickets cost 1260€.

Things to Do During the Event

Some of the things that can be done at the festival, which is planned to be full, are as follows:

  • Joining a group that includes regens, pre-DAO DOers, DAOists, and pre-ReFi regens
  • Joining forces and launching a DAO using the complete DAO Design program
  • Learning the greatest DAOing techniques, then using tightrope walking and meditation to balance your life
  • The Calling of DAOs
  • Making enduring bonds while playing paintball or touring a national park
  • Taking a 5-day bus ride to Dubrovnik along the Croatian coast

This way, you can both improve yourself and learn about your areas of interest through the festival.

Event Speakers

Speakers already confirmed to take part in the event are:

  • Aaron Soskin
  • Hanzi Freinacht
  • Angela
  • Anna-Marie Swan
  • Antonio
  • Bau
  • Dan13ram
  • DeFi Dude
  • Dr. Nick
  • Elco
  • Felix Fritsch
  • HBesso
  • James Young
  • Jeremy Akers
  • Luka Sučić
  • Luka Sučić
  • Manu Of DoinGud
  • Ori Shimony
  • Peth
  • Sebnem
  • TBSocialist
  • Yalor
  • Anna
  • Atlas Sloth
  • Grace Rachmany
  • MinChi
  • LSDan
  • Playerzer0x
  • Phil H
  • Rebecca Collins
  • Jawna Standish

More speakers will be announced closer to the event date.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Metafest 2023 Event
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