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We Have to Teach Blockchain & Crypto Ecosystem

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We are trying to go everywhere we can to explain the technology of the Crypto Ecosystem and Blockchain Technology to the community of people who think of it as just trading and making money.

The Future is Ours!

To contribute to the sector, we want to tell this to every community we find. Sometimes it’s a university, sometimes an online medium, and sometimes on the street.

The most critical task for me and all crypto ecosystem professionals is to explain this technology to people, explaining that the future is based on Blockchain technology and will take place all over our lives in a not-too-long time. Therefore, we should take advantage of all its blessings.

Now I want to give you some statistical information;

According to Cointelegraph news, only 4.2% of the world has been able to get acquainted with only crypto money and the ecosystem. However, it is foreseen that a population of 10% will meet and use it by 2030.

Again if we look at the domestic structure;

63% male, 37% female
72% are aged under 34
71% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher
The average crypto owner has an annual income of US$25,000

Teaching blockchain technology to ordinary people can be a challenging task, as it involves explaining complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Here are a few tips that may be helpful;

  1. Please start with the basics: Explain what a blockchain is and how it works. You could use examples like Bitcoin or Ethereum to illustrate how blockchains operate and how they can be used to record transactions.
  2. Use visual aids: Diagrams and charts can be helpful in explaining the technical concepts involved in blockchain technology.
  3. Please keep it simple: Avoid using technical jargon as much as possible and try to explain concepts in plain English.
  4. Use real-world examples: Explain how blockchain technology is used in various industries, such as finance, supply chain management, and healthcare.
  5. Encourage questions: Encourage your students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have. This can help them understand the concepts better.
  6. Practice makes perfect: Encourage your students to experiment with blockchain technology and try out different projects on their own to gain a deeper understanding of how it works.

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