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Water Coin (WATER) Price Surge and Ronaldinho’s Endorsement

Ronaldinho's Cryptocurrency Journey: From Endorsement to Controversy

Water Coin’s Mission: Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Water Coin (WATER) – Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the renowned soccer legend, has joined fellow athlete Lionel Messi in endorsing the Solana token known as WATER. In a July 9 Instagram story to his 76.6 million followers, Ronaldinho shared a photo featuring Water Coin’s mascot, tagging the token’s official Instagram account. This endorsement coincided with a notable price surge for WATER, which spiked 38.8% to $0.0012 shortly after Ronaldinho’s post but subsequently declined to below $0.00083, according to CoinGecko data. The current price reflects a 71% drop from its peak on June 26.

Water Coin (WATER) Price Surge and Ronaldinho's Endorsement

Water Coin: Sustainable Water Projects and Deforestation Prevention

WATER, as outlined on its website, focuses on raising awareness and supporting sustainable water-related projects, including initiatives aimed at preventing deforestation and improving water distribution in Africa. The token’s roadmap emphasizes forming partnerships with celebrities before transitioning into a charity-focused environmental token.

However, WATER has faced scrutiny within the crypto community. Industry critics, including YouTuber Ajay Kashyap, have raised concerns about the token potentially being a pump-and-dump scheme. Crypto commentator Ponga echoed caution, questioning the legitimacy of the token amidst its volatility.

Ronaldinho Cryptocurrency Controversy: Alleged Pyramid Scheme

Ronaldinho’s involvement with cryptocurrency has not been without controversy. In August, he faced scrutiny before a Brazilian parliamentary committee over his alleged association with a $61 million crypto pyramid scheme called “18kRonaldinho,” which reportedly used his likeness without permission to promise high returns to investors. Ronaldinho denied any involvement, stating he was a victim of false representation.

The promotion of crypto tokens by high-profile individuals has increasingly drawn attention. Recently, UFC fighter Khazmat Chimaev encountered a similar scenario after promoting a token named after himself, SMASH. Allegations of pump-and-dump tactics surfaced regarding the SMASH token, underscoring ongoing concerns within the cryptocurrency market.

As the intersection between celebrities and cryptocurrency grows, regulatory scrutiny and investor caution remain pivotal in navigating the landscape of digital assets.


What is Water Coin (WATER) and why is Ronaldinho promoting it?

WATER is a cryptocurrency token on the Solana blockchain designed to raise awareness and support sustainable water-related projects. Ronaldinho, along with Lionel Messi, promoted WATER on Instagram to endorse its environmental initiatives and attract attention to its cause.

How did Ronaldinho’s promotion impact the price of Water Coin (WATER)?

Ronaldinho’s Instagram story on July 9, showcasing WATER’s mascot, initially caused a 38.8% price increase in WATER to $0.0012. However, the price later dropped to below $0.00083 amid market volatility, marking a significant decline from its peak.

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Water Coin (WATER) Price Surge and Ronaldinho's Endorsement

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