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VeChain’s Self-Custody Wallet

VeChain's Self-Custody Wallet

VeChain, an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, has introduced the “VeWorld” native self-custody wallet. This year, the VeChain Foundation has a ton of great things planned., include the launch of VeChain’s self-custody wallet that will offer consumers a wide range of benefits.

VeChain’s Self-Custody Wallet

Recently, information about the launch and a link to a Medium article that formally debuted the wallet was shared in a tweet from the Foundation’s account. Not long after the VeChain network surpassed 2 million unique addresses, this next milestone was reached.

VeWorld: Gateway to the World of VeChain

The wallet is now referred to as “VeWorld,” which is short for “the gateway to the world of VeChain,” with the release. Users may easily access and manage their VeChain holdings with VeChain’s self-custody wallet.

The VeChain ecosystem will be more convenient for users while utilizing the wallet, the Foundation stated in its release. Also, the wallet has a large list of updates planned, indicating it will advance and get better over time. A dedicated group of developers at the Foundation will handle these upgrades once every two weeks.

What is VeWorld?

You can access VeWorld, an online wallet, at With the launch of the desktop and mobile versions of the wallet in the third quarter of this year, users will have more options for how they wish to manage their assets.

The wallet offers several different ways to manage cryptocurrencies. A Ledger hardware device makes it possible to manage cryptocurrency assets, import and set up wallets, carry out secure transactions through decentralized apps (DApps), and manage portfolios.


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