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Turkish Misyon Bank Partners with Taurus for Digital Asset Expansion

Taurus, backed by Credit Suisse, is set to furnish Misyon, the Turkish neobank, with the necessary tools for digital asset custody and tokenization services.

Turkish Misyon Bank Partners with Taurus for Digital Asset Expansion

Crypto News- Misyon Bank, a pioneering neobank in Turkey, has announced its strategic move into the realm of digital assets through a groundbreaking partnership with Swiss-based cryptocurrency custody provider, Taurus.

Turkish Misyon Bank Partners with Taurus for Digital Asset Expansion

In a landmark agreement revealed to Cointelegraph on March 26, Misyon Bank unveiled plans to leverage Taurus’s cutting-edge technology to offer digital asset custody and tokenization services. This transformative initiative is set to be executed under Misyon’s subsidiary, MisyonTech.

Drawing upon Taurus’s expertise, Misyon Bank will integrate a suite of solutions including Taurus Protect for custody, Taurus Capital for tokenization, and Taurus Explorer for blockchain node infrastructure.

Renowned for its collaboration with leading European financial institutions such as Banco Santander and Credit Suisse, Taurus brings a wealth of experience to the table. Notably, Credit Suisse has been a key investor in Taurus, injecting $65 million into the firm during its Series B funding round in February 2023.

CEO Önder Halisdemir Foresees Turkey’s Rise as a Digital Asset Innovation Hub

Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Misyon Bank, hailed the partnership as a pivotal moment in realizing Turkey’s vision to become the ‘Switzerland of its region’. By enabling global access to Turkish assets through tokenization, Halisdemir envisions a future where Turkey emerges as a hub of digital asset innovation.

Furthermore, Misyon Bank is collaborating with Istanbul Technical University and KPMG to develop bespoke solutions tailored to the local market. Halisdemir emphasized the importance of establishing a robust regulatory framework to propel Turkey into a leadership position in digital asset custody and tokenization.

While the specifics regarding the integration of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin onto the Misyon platform remain undisclosed, Turkey’s burgeoning crypto economy underscores the significance of this partnership. With Turkey ranking among the top crypto economies globally, the collaboration between Misyon and Taurus is poised to catalyze institutional adoption within the region.

Lamine Brahimi, co-founder of Taurus, expressed confidence in Misyon Bank’s capabilities, foreseeing a transformative impact on Turkey’s digital asset landscape. As institutional interest surges, this partnership sets the stage for Turkey to carve out a distinctive role in the burgeoning world of digital finance.

Turkish Misyon Bank Partners with Taurus for Digital Asset Expansion

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